Nanchatte Renai release event (090906)

Monday, September 07, 2009

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1st Event
Fan A : Did you know where I was sitting at?
Eri : Sorry, I notice.
Fan A : I see, alright, see you next time!

2nd Event
Fan A : Eri, this. *Shows Eri a sketchbook that says "How do you read "orange"" (→ The "orange" was written in English)
Eri : Uh, o-ra...o-ra-n
Fan A : Eh?
Eri : Oh! O-re-n-ji!
Fan A : It should be o-ra-n-ge isn't it? (lol)
Eri : (lol)
(Note : The correction pronunciation of "Orange" in Japanese is "O-re-n-ji" and not "O-ra-n-ge")
The fan did that on purpose because in this episode of Jewel Pet, Eri's character, Rinko, pronounced "Orange" as "O-ra-n-ge". It started off with as a joke but in her hurry, Eri made the same mistake as Rinko. Pretty amusing.

3rd Event
Fan A : Do you know my name?
Sayu : Yes! I know!
Fan A : Really? Try calling it.
Sayu : OO-san
Fan A : Woah! As expected! (lol)
Yes, Sayu answered correctly. This fan had a couple of funny interactions like teasing one another and such with Sayu on several events. Its nice to see that Sayu actually remembers his name.

Fan A : I'll be going for the autumn concert!
Eri : Okay! I will be waiting!
After the conversation Eri took a good look at the fan which caused him to turn shy, lol.