HaroPro Meeting (090905)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

After Captain suggested for another Hello! Project Sports Festival, the Morning Musume 8th generation members complained about not getting the chance to participate in any of the Hello! Project Sports Festival as it has not been held again since the 2006. The host for the segment, Gaki-san, then brought 6th generation into the picture which she got a very quick respond from Sayu, "I don't want a sports festival!" As expected of the out-of-shape bunny.

"Do you do anything to prepare yourself for a concert?"
Reina : I turn up for rehearsals and take them seriously.
Morning Musume is currently in the mid of their rehearsals for the upcoming autumn concert tour. Its a challenge to the well-known-for-hating-rehearsals Reina as they have to memorise nearly 5 songs everyday. Still, Reina is going to try her best so do look forward to the concert!

"Do you do anything to prepare yourself for a concert?"
Momoko : I do pinkies-muscle trainings.
The rest of the Berryz Koubou members pointed out that they have never seen Momoko doing that and Momo defended herself with a "I do it! You guys don't notice it because you guys are busy with your mirrors!" The members insisted that they have never seen her doing it but anyway, Momoko showed an example of how the pinkies-muscle trainings looked like.
Maasa : Try doing push-ups with just your pinkies then.
Momo gave a reply that didn't make sense and caused the whole hall to be silent. Aichan then broke the silence and asked Momo to just end her talk and return to her seat.
Momoko : Aichan-san, why must you...
Gaki-san : Aichan-san?!

"Name the new event that was approved to be held in the London Olympic Games 2012"
Gaki-san : An event to see who can draw his/her eyebrows the fastest.
Audience : (Laughs but not exactly lol)
Sayu : Huh? What do you mean?
Aichan : HAHAHA.
Audience : (lol)
No idea what's what took Aichan so long to digest or..react. Anyway, she laughed till she cried. Very amusing answer from Gaki-san indeed but certainly was not that funny right? ^^;

Halfway through one of the segments, when they brought up the topic of bunnies, Momoko requested for Sayu to do an imitation of a bunny. Sayu rejected her immediately reason being that it was Momo who requested for it, lol. Momo was being picked on throughout the whole meeting, lols. Great coordination between Momoko and the Morning Musume members though.

Somewhere during the meeting, Maasa bluffed Eri that Eri's zipper was opened. Eri completely got fooled and freaked out at first xD That's so like our little turtle. One of the reasons why we have to love her. Her innocence and her gullibility