New "SayuEri" duo O:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

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During the HaroPro meeting held in the evening on August 23...
Eri : Sayu and Mano-chan are becoming pretty good friends recently so I feel jealous.
Sayu : From now on the "Eri" in "SayuEri" will be the "Eri" in (Mano) "Erina"
Eri : (Depressed expression)
Sayu : I'm just kidding!

During the HaroPro meeting held in the evening on September 05...
Mano : I'll apologise to Kamei-san first before I say this. Sorry Kamei-san.
Mano : I suggest for the new "SayuEri" duo...
Fans : Oh~
- Eri was shocked and she lowered her head to look at the floor -
Gaki-san : Ah Kame! Kame! Look up~
Sayu : (To Mano) Uh-huh, and then?
Mano : Then the new duo will host a 1 hour special television program.
Sayu : I AGREE with that.
- Eri looked even more depressed -
Sayu : I'm sorry Eririn.
Mano : Sorry sorry!
- Eri was still depressed -
Gaki-san : Its okay its okay. She will be okay after she takes a nap. It'll be okay, it'll be okay.
Aichan : (lol)

Lol. It was funny enough to know about our little turtle feeling jealous and depressed. Gaki-san's last comment made it funnier than it already was xD Well, its true though. Eri had once said that whenever she feels down or troubled, all she needs to do is to sleep. After a good sleep, she will forget about everything (Just like a little kid)

- This translation was done based on 3 fan reports so please don't ask me where you can watch this. Thank you.