[Pocket Diary] 10/12 Gifu - Kamei Eri

Saturday, October 17, 2009

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You know, Aichan, when we were going back from our dressing rooms, she splatted her corn soup.
Then, then, Miss careless girl panicked.
But you know, Miss careless girl is very admirable so,
Everyone helped clean up the dressing room before leaving.
And then, splat.
The one at the side is Manager-san who is same age as Aichan.
This manager-san always gives Eri something to write, and complains when writing this diary... Oh that's rude. Why don't you write it? is what she will kindly say. I like her.
Also, those who came for the concert might know this but, I wrote Gifu on my hand, then at quite an early stage during Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, the camera caught a shot of my hand but it was erased.
Cameraman-san laughed bitterly, saying he understand that feeling.
And so, many memories were made it was very Gifu.
I enjoyed myself ~

This entry was fully translated by Steph. She translated it directly from Eri's original diary without re-phrasing a single word so if there are certain random parts that you don't understand, it's perfectly normal because that's how it's like in the original copy.