[Pocket Diary] 10/12 Gifu - Michishige Sayumi (1)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In one of Eri's recent Pocket Tour Diary, she attached a photo of a decorated item which was given to her by Gaki-san. According to Sayu's Pocket Tour Diary, it's actually a case. Both Aichan and Eri requested for Gaki-san to decorate one for them and Gaki-san did. In fact, she even made one for Sayu although Sayu didn't ask for it. Sayu mentioned that she was very happy and could feel Gaki-san's love.

10/12 Gifu Michishige Sayumi (1)
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Good morning
This photo was taken before the rehearsal
Look ☆ My full-of-motivation face. Yes ~
I'm all fired up
Eri still has her eyes closed eh ~

Just updating the Eri-related Pocket Diaries. I scanned through Sayu's Pocket Morning Diaries, not much of Eri content even though there are quite a number of SayuEri photos. It was a nice read though. It's amazing how Sayu never runs out of things to write about.

If anyone is wondering if their favourites have sent out a Pocket Morning Diary, you can refer to this chart which was taken from 2ch.
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The headers are the concerts in the different locations. If there's a "-," that means the member didn't send out any Pocket Diary for that day's concert. If it's a circle, it means that she had sent out one. If it's a double circle, that means the member had sent out two for that day.