Matio Time (091025)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Something happened the day before the first concert of ~Nine smile~ that caused Reina to do something reckless. She declared that she won't be turning up for the concert the next day and seriously had no intention of going for the concert. Being one who has quite a number of lines, if Reina didn't turn up, there would be big trouble. That night, Eri, Gaki-san and Junjun sent Reina mails to convince her to go. Sayu's excuse for not sending one is that she believed that Reina would turn up ^^; But frankly, the next day, when she heard about Eri's mail to Reina, she thought she should have done the same. Eri's mail really had a great impact on Reina. She received it at around 2AM, which by right, both Reina and Eri should have been asleep since they are said to be early sleepers. Reina however was awake because she didn't want to go to the concert the next day and spent the night watching variety shows. Eri's mail went "I understand Reina's feelings because we're all humans but I'm just going to say this. Come tomorrow. I want to stand on the same stage as you. Good night."

Eri, half-hearted when it comes to caring for people? No way.
Off for my exam ~