Platinum 9 DISCO (090503) Tokyo - Afternoon MCs

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

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Eri's solo MC
Usually after a concert, Eri will definitely be craving for sour stuff. She gave examples of vinegar'd squids, Umeboshi (Sour plums) and 100% orange juice. The day before this concert, when she returned home after the concert and her mother and sister were actually baking cookies which caused her room to smell really sweet. According to Eri, her kitchen is pretty small, so with the refrigeeta, Eri's mommie, Eri's sister and the all the cooking utensils the pathway became so narrow that Eri had problems opening the refrigeeta. After Eri's bath, she could smell the nice aroma of the cookies which made her wondered if she has got a share too. And yes, Eri's sister had included Eri's share but as Eri had mentioned, she will be craving for sour food after concerts so at that time she wanted to eat sour stuff too but she thought perhaps she should try replacing sour with sweet. The plan worked out well and Eri got her tension ↑↑ when eating the cookies. To prove her point, Eri went "Yassasai ~ mossasai ~ Yassasai ~ mossasai ~".
FYI : 2 weeks ago, she did the "Yassai Mossai" dance in Oomiya.
-- The above screencap is a picture of Eri in her house's kitchen in 2004.

MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi & Linlin)
During the Chinese corner, the fans had a practice session on what to "Ehhh" and what not to "Ehhhh" since Eri is around. Eri has mentioned she likes to be told "Ehhhhh?" so when the fans actually Ehhhh'd Sayu, Sayu told them to not "Ehhhhh" her since its Eri's thing. Anyway, the Chinese phrase for this session was 不知道 bu zhi dao (I don't know). Ready..ACTION!

Eri : (Walks in) Good morning ~
Linlin : Hey wait a minute. Where are you going?
Eri : I was arranged to record a show here today.
Linlin : Recording? May I know who are you?
Eri : Eh? I'm Morning Musume's Kamei Eri.
Fans : Ehhh?
Linlin : You gotta be kidding. This place is out of bounds to people not involved.
Eri : No! I'm really Kamei Eri from Morning Musume!
Fans : EHHHH?
Sayu : (Walks in) Good morning ~
Linlin : Oh, good morning Michishige-san. Here, this way in.
Sayu : Thank you.
Eri : Wait wait! Sayu! Introduce me, Kamei Eri, to this person (Linlin) here. I'm Kamei Eri, right?
Sayu : Bu zhi dao ~
Eri : Hey wait! Okay look. Yassasai ~ mossasai ~
Linlin : Oh, you're Kamei-san! Here here, this way in.

Last MC
Eri : Its 5/3, its garbage day ~*
Fans + Sayu : Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
*Garbage in Japanese is Gomi. 5 in Japanese is Go, 3 in Japanese is Mi, putting 5 and 3 together, it makes it Gomi.

Lol'd. Its funny how some of the wotas goes "Ehhh"-ing at every single thing Eri said during the Chinese corner. Oh yes, if you're planning to listen to the fan recording, do keep an ear out for the female Eri wota screaming her lungs out for Eri. Her voice was really distinctive among the male wotas.