"Kimagure Princess" - Eri as the main vocalist?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morning Musume's 41st single, "Kimagure Princess" will be played on "ON8" radio show tonight at 8PM (Japan time). So anyway, there is a rumour on 2ch about Eri being the main vocalist for "Kimagure Princess". The thread starter said that he got to know of this from a staff. We have no idea how true it is, but as an Eri fan, I really hope for it to be true.

Eri has been in Morning Musume for at least 6 years but have never had a lead in any of the singles. Naturally, I am all excited about this new song after reading the rumour. Lets take a look at some of the posts by the forumers on 2ch. As most of the forumers chose to stay anonymous, there is no way I can name them, so just read the dialogues if you are interested in the fan reactions over at 2ch.

» "I'm really excited about this"
» "Eririn's songs have style in them"
» "I'm tired of Takahashi and Tanaka. Be it Kamei or anyone else, I'm okay with it."
» "Seems like this song will sound like 100 kisses" (Matsuura Aya's "100 kai no Kiss")
» "Eririn is good at singing~"
» "She (Eri) is probably the 3rd best singer (in MM). Not only is she good at singing, her voice is nice."
» "Based on looks, Eri is #1 in Morning Musume. This will give Morning Musume a new image (if Eri is the main vocalist). Makes me wonder if this is the main part of the 「Kakumei Gannen」" ("Kakumei Gannen" was the name of both the 2009 Summer and Winter H!P concert. It means something like "The first year of revolution")
» "I love Eririn's sweet voice. She may not be better than Aichan and Reina (In terms of singing) but she has a strong charm."
» "If Kame is the main vocalist, I'll buy 100 copies of the single"
» "Well, she has turned 23 and can't be a princess already. Kamei substituting Takahashi's role should be no problem"
» "I'm sick of Takahashi and Tanaka." (→ But we can't deny that these 2 have better vocal abilities as compared to the rest of the members)
» "I bet it'll be Takahashi and Tanaka as main vocalists again."
» "They are taking too long to give her (Eri) a lead in a single"
» "When she (Eri) entered Morning Musume, she looked like the most suitable successor of Abe. However, she wasn't given a chance to at all. But finally, the time is here."
» (A response to the post above) "Back then I thought Kame will become the main vocalist after a year."
» "If Kamei were to be the one making the image for this song (In other words, the main), it'll probably be a ballad-like song." (FYI, There were discussions about Eri's vocal ability being very suitable for ballads some time ago on 2ch)
» "I'm tired of Aichan-Reina. I love Reina but I'm tired of listening to her voice. Aichan is cute but Reina attracts me."
» "If Kamei is the main for this song, they should make this song the opening song for Jewel Pet."
» "Kamei-chan has been trying very hard all the while so I really hope for this single to sell well."
» "It has been quite some time eh. For the main vocalists to not be Takahashi or Tanaka."
» "The recent Kamei has became a real beauty. If we infer from that, it may be the reason behind her main."
» "If it becomes Jewel Pet's theme song, it'll be a double surprise."
» "I love Kamei. I'm supporting her."
» "A graduation present to Kamei. From Tsunku."
» "Random = Fickle = Kamei. Elizabeth = Eric Kamezou = Kamei." (Eri has a role in H!M called Elizabeth Kyamei. She portrays a very princess-like image.)
» "Kimagure Elizabeth" (Fickle Elizabeth)
» "Takahashi is already 23. Its time for her to hand over to the young Kamei."
» "What's the point of trying to get sales from the small number of Kamei wotas?"
» (A response to the post above) "Kamei is one of the top 5 in MM with the biggest fanbase."
» "If she (Eri) is the main vocalist, I'll buy many copies of the single to form this"

And of course, the posts we can't avoid.
» "If Kamei is the main vocalist, the standard of MM's songs will drop"
» "If Kamei is the centre-girl, Morning Musume is going down."
But the good thing is, there aren't much of such posts in the thread :P

As for the fans at Eri's threads,
» "If this rumour is true, I'll be overjoyed"
» "The day Eririn gets her center position has finally arrived. It has been a long wait." (→ It certainly has been)

If you are a Reina or Aichan fan and is feeling annoyed after reading some of the posts, cool down. Things like "I'm sick of Reina and Aichan" is a common sight in 2ch whenever a new single is played on a radio show (I'm serious!). Not all of them are haters. They just want something new...I think.

Not going to translate the whole thread though. The forumers had made nearly 400 posts in the 2nd thread already (1 thread can take up to only 1000 posts). In the end, this is still a rumour as no one can confirm it. We have to wait till the song is played on "ON8" tonight.

From past experiences, I know I have to specify what the purpose of my post is, so I'm going to do it. I wrote this post with the intention of showing readers how 2ch is like when a new rumour emerges. I know how annoying it is when everyone is going "I read in 2ch, I read in 2ch" when no one is willing translate it or give more details about the matter, making you itch with curiosity. I have no intention of making any personal attacks here towards any Morning Musume members or a particular member's fans. If you ask why I chose this rumour to elaborate on, its simply because it is related to Eri. Last thing, I don't hate Aichan and Reina. I love them. Just that I don't love them as much as I love Eri

At the end of the day, please remember, this is only a rumour. I am not responsible for any physical (?) or mental damage ^^; Even if it is confirmed as a piece of fake information, at least we got to be happy for a moment.

Peace out, readers!
Hopefully you have gotten a gist of how 2ch is like (: