Random clips

Friday, January 08, 2010

Subbed 3 short clips earlier today.

This is taken from Eri's Bijo Houdan episode. Do check her Bijo Houdan episodes out if you have yet to. Its probably one of the funniest so far along with Reina and Maichan's episodes. Eri was tsukkomi'd several times by the lady during the show.

An old Haromoni@ episode. Sayu got me laughing there with all her balding comments. I didn't know the full episode was already subbed so...clip removed! (Guess I should go on H!O's tracker some time soon...)

And this, is from the latest Hello! Project DVD. The Hello! Project girls may be cute and sexy, but they certainly aren't good at reading Kanjis. After watching the DVD, I really want to see a kanji reading battle between Gaki-san and Eri.