Mobekimasu (2010.01.03)

Monday, January 04, 2010

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Here's a quick translation to Eri's answer during Morning Musume's MC segment. For Morning Musume's MC segment, they have to construct phrases/sentences that are related to one another using the 5 words in "Mobekimasu" as the start of each phrase/sentence. Sounds a little confusing so I'll just use Eri's example.

Eri's answer was
"Mou 21sai ni natta kedo"
"Betsu ni toshi toka "
"Kinishitenai kedo"
"Maa demo"
"Sumaireeji ireru kana"

"Although I've turned 21 years old, I don't really mind about my age and stuff but I wonder if they will let me join S/mileage."

Shouldn't be too challenging for Eri to handle this segment considering that she is pretty creative in such departments.