Konya mo Usachan Peace #165 (2009.12.30)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Although it does not change anything, Sayu counts the days left to a new year.

When Sayu moved into the apartment she is currently living in with her family, they were told by the landlord that the air in their apartment won't be as dry as the air in other apartments. However, Sayu's throat has not been feeling that way recently so she has to turn on the big humidifier she has at home to prevent the season from affecting her throat. Her mother happened to pop into her room once and smelled something strange. A few days later, when Sayu returned home, she found the little toys she placed by the side of her window all lying on her bed. It was her mother who took the toys down. Apparently her mother found mould growing on the sides of the window and cleared them away. Sayu is amazed by how her mother could smell the slightest difference in smell in her child's room.

Morning Musume - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

This is the last episode of Konusapi of 2009. Many listeners requested for Sayu to do a "Michishige Sayumi's top 10 important news 2009" ranking to wrap up the year so she is going to do it. Starting off with 10th place.

10. Allergic to cats
Sayu only found out that she is allergic to cats this year. Refer to this post for more details. Sayu's mother feels that it isn't Sayu who is allergic to cats. Its probably Sayu's sister's dirty room that caused the itch.

9. Solo MC in concert
During Morning Musume's Platinium 9 DISCO concert tour, 6 members got an opportunity to host a solo MC segment during the concerts on a regular basis. Sayu being one who loves to talk and interact with the fans, she really enjoyed herself during the MC segments. However, she was also nervous and felt pressurised because she wanted to outdo other members. Sayu wanted her talks to be attractive. She didn't want non-Sayu fans to go to the toilet during her MC segment, she wanted fans to find her talks interesting and hence, the pressure built up for her. Like other members, she took the solo MC segment very serious and prepared beforehand.

8. Los Angeles
Morning Musume went to LA in July. She feels that LA really gives the "city" look. The streets are beautiful, the beers are expensive and some places are used as a scene in various movies. She really enjoyed herself in LA. Another thing about the trip is the concert. It was Sayu's last concert in her teens. Normally, Sayu's birthday doesn't land on any concert days because Morning Musume don't hold concerts in July. She thinks that its rather awesome that she was able to have her last concert in her teens in LA and conveniently concluded that she was the coolest during the concert.

7. New laptop
During Nine Smile concert, Sayu mentioned that her computer wasn't working and she had to get a new one. She then bought a laptop. Sayu couldn't find the correct term for a moment there and said "Fixed computer" and "The computer that can't be anywhere but here" as a replacement for "Desktop computer." A laptop is more convenient for Sayu and she has been carrying it around. Thanks to her new laptop, she hasn't been getting enough sleep because she has been on the net all the time. I'm not a S/mileage fan so I have no idea which song Sayu was talking about but she apparently repeated a S/mileage's music video over 20 times.

6. First solo song in an album
Listening to a song sang fully by her, it makes Sayu really happy. When she saw her juniors getting their solo songs, she was envious them and is glad that she finally got the chance to have a song of her own. Another song that pleased Sayu is "Yowamushi." The 2nd part of the song is sang by Sayu and Sayu personally likes the song a lot.

5. "Shouganai Yume Oibito"'s Oricon #1
This is the 2nd Morning Musume single that Sayu has been in that grabbed the number 1 spot on Oricon's weekly chart. Before Sayu entered Morning Musume, many of Morning Musume's singles had gotten number 1 on Oricon's chart but after she joined, Morning Musume's luck hasn't been that good. Although the 6th generation members appear to not be too affected by that fact, they do feel that its because of them for Morning Musume's decreasing popularity. Anyway, getting a #1 is a really joyful thing for them now.

Michishige Sayumi - It's you

4. Koharu's graduation
Even though they are all moving on without Koharu now, Sayu often wonders what Koharu is doing at that moment and she has been watching the shows Koharu has been appearing on. Also, as she was chatting with Gaki-san and Eri (Ojou3!), they started talking about Koharu without knowing, making them realise how huge Koharu's presence was.

3. Coming of age
Sayu turned 20 years old this year. She can't believe that she is already 20. Normally, she spends her birthday with her family. Though so, she doesn't have a deep impression of the presents her mother gave her in the past years. However, this year, her mother prepared a very special gift, which is 2 expensive necklaces for Sayu. Sayu has learned to drink alcohol. She can't drink much but she is having fun drinking.

2. Variety shows
Sayu has been invited on many variety shows in 2009. Even though it can be troubling at times, she really happy that she is being invited to the shows. When she took her first step into the variety world, the feeling was like her taking her first step into her idol career. Like her family, Sayu didn't expect herself to go on so many TV shows. She is proud to make such an achievement and show her grandparents that her mother's willingness to move to Tokyo to take care of Sayu paid off.

1. Konusapi going into its 4th year of broadcast
Sayu almost placed this in the 2nd place because she felt that her advancement to the variety world was a bigger news but after much consideration, she realised that the opportunities she were given was probably because of Konusapi. She thinks that someone probably listened to Konusapi and discovered Sayu's personality and therefore invited her onto shows.Sayu hopes that Konusapi will never end and she'll be able to host it forever.

This week's sexy word,
Sayu: Gymnastics sitting ~

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Sayu thanks everyone for the year and wishes everyone a good year in 2010.
Sayu: OyaSayumin