New Year Greetings from Morning Musume

Friday, January 01, 2010

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Pocket Morning sent out new year messages from the girls earlier today. I've translated all the members' messages so enjoy and have a good year!

Takahashi Ai
I hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for you...(∪ ∪)...
Please continue to support me!!

Niigaki Risa
Happy New Year ☆
We're going to laugh lots too this year ~ ☆
As for my personal goal...☆
Is to not waste any time!!

Kamei Eri
Happy New Year!!
I'll like to continue to try out new things in 2010!!
Also, I'll vow to live everyday like a 21-year-old!! ...Maybe. Probably.

Michishige Sayumi
Happy New Year.
Its 2010, everyone!!
Will like to continue to try very very hard this year(^_^)
I believe everyone wants to see that side of me ↑↑
This year too, please watch lots of Sayumi(>▽<)↑
Please continue to support me this year(^_^)↑↑ See you...

Tanaka Reina
Happy New Year ☆
I will like to take up various stuff in 2010 and find a new Reina ↑↑(*-∀-*)
Please continue to support me this year!!!!!
2010 too, GanbaReina ☆

Mitsui Aika
2010!! Kind of amazing isn't it (^□^)Firstly, a greeting...
Happy New Year ☆
Please continue to support me this year(>▽<)!!
I'll maintain this figure in 2010 and I hope to release a photobook soon ★★
I'm also hoping for HAPPY stuff to happen to everyone(∪▽∪)!!
May you have a good year...(∪▽∪)☆

2010, Happy New Year.
1. Junjun in 2010, singing and dancing is a definite, and if I'm offered the chance to be in a movie or a drama I will like to challenge myself to the task.
2. Also, I'll like Morning Musume to be perform in a famous show in my hometown.
3. I'll like to release a photobook(*★▽★*)

I'll like to try out new things and get lots of chances to meet the fans.