Happy New Year!

Friday, January 01, 2010

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Happy new year to all!
Its the start of a new year as well as a new decade!

Lets kick off 2010 with one of Eri's aims for this year.
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Eri's 2009 review
"I got my hair cut. I've always wanted to it to be at shoulder length and I'm happy to finally have it at that length."
Eri's 2010 aim
"I want to be seen as an intellectual person so I will like to use adult-like words as I move on."

She certainly have to work hard to kick away her "Aho-Kame" image in that case. No matter what targets she is setting for herself and how cute and silly they sound, I'll be rooting for her!

Talking about Eri's hair, I didn't translate about this, but Eri mentioned on several shows that she did not change the colour of her hair throughout 2009. She stayed with the same shade of brown she had. Even though so, she has been asked over and over again if she changed it so in case anyone thinks so too, Eri did not change her hair colour. Its either the lightning used in the photo/show or her dye became slightly lighter after some time that caused it to look different.

Once again, happy new year everyone!