"Jump!!" DVD - Eri and Koharu's commentary

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eri will be the commentator together with Koharu for Koharu's "Jump!!" DVD. The digest on Dohhh UP! has a short part of the commentary in the video. (Source : "久住小春・亀井絵里オーディオコメンタリーつき!" - Dohhh UP!)

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Eri : Woaaah ~ Hahahahaha...this is great!

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Eri : Ah, Koharu's way of eating it.

Honestly, I had no intention of buying the DVD or even downloading it to watch (I'm really not a big fan of Koharu) but now...I don't get a choice huh? I can't help but wonder why Eri was the commentator for the DVD. Because it was recorded during one of KohaEri's promotion trips? But well, the more the merrier so there's nothing to whine about! I'm looking forward to more Eri and Koharu interaction in this DVD's commentary!