Konya mo Usachan Peace #151 (090923)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sayu was supposed to go to the dentist after this radio show recording however, at the thought of already talking non-stop for an hour, she didn't feel like going for her appointment so she asked her mother to cancel it for her. Her mother then replied with a "Ohhaa" which made Sayu wondered what happened. She decided to leave it as it is and didn't reply her mother. Her mother later sent another mail to Sayu to correct herself. She initially wanted to reply with an "Okay" and not "Ohhaa." It got a "You can actually type that wrongly?" reaction out of Sayu.

Morning Musume - Inspiration ♪

Some time ago, Sayu was sent to Yamaguchi for Nanchatte Renai's promotions. Sayu was very happy to be able to hold a campaign there as Morning Musume had held only 2 concerts in Yamaguchi. There isn't any special discovery that she made during this trip. She recognises the awesomeness of the fans who follows them no matter where they go though. During her Ameba Show which was one day after the events in Yamaguchi, Sayu saw the fans who followed them to Yamaguchi came back to Tokyo and were present for the show too. Sayu is grateful towards all these dedicated fans.

When Sayu was on "Gokigenyou" (A TV show), on 1 of the episodes, Inagawa-san shared a scary story with them. Sayu couldn't exactly understand the story fully but the atmosphere of the studio was certainly scary enough. Also, as Inagawa-san spoke, the blood vessels in his eyes somewhat reddened and that force from that pair of eyes frightened Sayu.

- Kao wa Butanai de! Atashi Jouyuu nan dakara -
1st Phrase : Cute
Verdict : Actress

Situation : Upon seeing a puppy...
Sayu : Cute ~
Even when Sayu sees a baby. she says the same thing. But whenever she praises a baby for his/her cuteness, a small part of Sayu wants the mother of the child to see her praising her child.

Situation : Upon seeing a girl who is cuter than yourself...
Sayu : Cute ~
Sayu loves cute girls. Just like when she looks at the rest of the members, she finds them cute too. Maybe its because Sayu is pretty free during song performances (She said this herself xD), she often ends up observing the other members and tries to imagine herself as one of the member. Apparently she enjoys doing that ^^;

Situation : While looking at your reflection in the mirror...
Sayu : Cute.
One of the reasons behind Sayu's frequent self-proclamations of being cute is to give herself some confidence (She is cute). But now these self-proclamations have became more like a duty and something that she just has to do somewhat because she got herself this image.

2nd Phrase : No way
Verdict : Great actress

Situation : Upon weighing yourself after not checking your weight for sometime and realising you have gained a surprising amount of weight...
Sayu : No way...
This happens to Sayu. Although she weighs herself daily, as she can't possibly bring a weighing scale along when she goes overseas, she can't weigh herself. She will then overeat and end up regretting it.

Situation : Upon hearing that Nakazawa (Yuko)-san will be getting married...
Sayu : No way!
She will be happy for Yuko. In fact, she hopes that Yuko settles down soon.

Situation : Upon hearing that "Konusapi" (This radio show) will stop...
Sayu : No way...
Sayu will be shocked. She doesn't want this radio show to end (This isn't the 1st time she is saying this. This girl really loves "Konusapi")

3rd Phrase : How is/was it?
Verdict : Lousy actress

Situation : After the members ate the sweets you made...
Sayu : How was it?
She doesn't make confections so she can't really relate herself to that situation well.

Situation : To your sister who has been resting on bed as she isn't feeling well...
Sayu : How is it?
Sayu's mother is a very careful person. If any of Sayu's siblings is not feeling well, she will make sure Sayu doesn't go close to him/her so that she will not get the virus. Therefore, Sayu doesn't get much chances to say ask her sister how she's feeling as she will only be able to see her after she recovers.

Situation : Putting on a sexy outfit and appearing in front of your boyfriend...
Sayu : How is it?
Sayu cosplays often when she is at home. She wants to show people her cosplays rather than just looking at herself in the mirror and thinking that she looks cute in that outfit.

Morning Musume - Aruiteru ♪

Something that irritated Sayu recently is...drama. She has been watching a 4-way-love drama and is so into it that she gets frustrated when the actor/actress be kind to another character when Sayu doesn't think that the character deserves such a good treatment. The drama doesn't move on as how Sayu wants it to be so she got irritated by it.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~ and Morning Musume All Singles Coupling Collection Album

Sayu : Oyasayumin


Just like last week, lots of misreading and mispronouncing this week too!