~Nine smile~ (09/19-09/23)

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Just going to talk about the MC segments for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~. Basically, the focus is on 6th generation...or at least I think it is.

For the consultation corner (Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin), Eri is the host for the segment. Junjun and Linlin are the ones seeking for solutions to their problems while Gaki-san is there as a tsukkomi and to somewhat help Eri out. The main objective of the corner isn't exactly to solve the 2 members' problems. It is for Eri to make the fans smile by giving a funny/sophisticated advices. The corner usually ends an "Ehhh~" from the fans followed by a "They are starting to smile~" from Eri. Isn't the most entertaining MC ever, but I do love the way Eri is hosting it in the Eririn-manner, giving amusing answers, and escaping from answering when she doesn't know how to give a solution to the 2 members' problems.

Meanwhile, the other MC segment is hosted by the other 2 Rokkies (Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina). Reina will start off the segment with a question every time. The 2 girls will then talk about it like the way they do on their radio shows. When Rokkies come together, hilarity ensues. An absolutely fun segment with Sayu interrupting Reina's talks breaking her trail of thoughts. My favourite is the MC on the 23rd when Reina was bullied (Not exactly) by Sayu and the fans. I swear I'm not a sadist. But it was extremely funny when Sayu teased Reina and Reina reacted in an adorable way.

Here's some random details from the MC segments
Eri keeps talking about money nowadays.
Apparently Aichan, Gaki-san and Sayu are night people while Eri and Reina are probably be fast asleep by 2AM.
Aichan entered a male toilet and...I'll leave that to your imagination.
Reina asking the fans to not "Ehh~" her. She can't feel the happiness in being Ehh~'d by the fans because she is not Eri.
Sayu kneeling down, trying to convince Reina to give her a computer.
Eri gets Ehh~'d, Reina gets Fuu~'d!

Something unrelated to the MC segments...I was listening to the microphone recordings this afternoon and was amazed by how Aichan continued singing so confidently even after making a mistake in the lyrics. At least the mistake she made wasn't exactly a very big one but it did change the meaning of the lyrics. It didn't sound ridiculous though. She sang "Yasashii kareshi" (Kind boyfriend) as "Mainchi kareshi" (Everyday boyfriend) in this mic recording. The mic recording ended with a "I messed up the lyrics, (lol)" from Aichan. Professional as always.

I want to get some ~Nine smile~ photo cards!!

- Please don't make any requests for MC translations.