(Pocket Diary) ~Nine smile~ (09/19-09/20)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Morning Musume's Tour Pocket Diary for ~Nine Smile~ concert has started! No pocket diary from Eri *sigh*. But well, that's our little turtle, and I don't mind her being that way. Anyway, I 've translated some of the members' mails...so, enjoy!

9/19 Matsudo Michishige Sayumi
Nine smile

The first day has came! It has been around 3 weeks after the rehearsals started and its already the actual performance~
I'm looking forward to standing on the stage and meeting everyone
Every time its the first day of a Morning Musume concert tour, the things I'll do in the morning is...1) feel nervous, 2) feel nervous, 3) and 4) eat, 5) feel nervous, basically, its just being nervous.
(Even if I'm nervous, I'll feel hungry. I have a very carefree stomach)
But for today, 1) Looking forward, 2) eat, 3) and 4) are eating too, 5) feel nervous
Ah, I decreased the number of nervousness and the number of meals increased. In the end, I still felt nervous. Whatever it is, concerts are a challenge of our physical strengths. We have to eat more to build up our strength.
I can't wait to go on stage. Ah ~ I can't wait to see everyone

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
For the photo, if I put it in a nice way, it is to protect myself from getting viruses. If I put it in a bad way, it is a mask to block off my without make-up face.
So for the main function of the mask, its up to you guys to decide. I'm going off.

9/20 Matsudo Tanaka Reina

Look at this photo ~
Its our bus.
Buus. Buuus ~ ~
Fu ~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Its awesome right.
Right? Right? (lol)
The 3 of us took a commemorative photo (≧∇≦)
If I see it in town, it'll really raise my tension.


I really love the way Sayu phrases her stuff. She wrote lots of pocket diaries but I obviously have troubles looking for them since I don't go hunting for them often. Going to just wait for Sayu fanblogs to post them up :P

And now...here are 3 pocket diaries regarding Koharu's graduation.

9/19 Matsudo Takahashi Ai
Hello everyone
This is Takahashi Ai

The fall concert tour has started
There was a sudden announcement, I'm sure it was surprising
Kusumi Koharu's graduation
When I heard about it, I couldn't believe it...I was really surprised
I read Tsunku-san's comment,
"I see. Its a graduation," was my feeling
I have never expected myself to send a junior off so it was a very strange feeling

But! I will not be hesitant
I want to send her off properly with a smile
I'll get pumped up and try my best until the last concert of this tour!!!
And, please watch over Koharu warmly

9/19 Matsudo Junjun
Kya ~ It has finally begun. yeah YEAH. Guess I'm nervous every time before it starts. Thrilling. Nervousness. Haha (lol) Girls' feelings are complicated aren't they. Today, for my hairstyle, I exposed my forehead ~ ~
I wonder how it looked. I wonder if it was suitable for me.
Kusumi-san ~ will be graduating
Although I decided to not cry...
Although I wanted us to be together longer...although I wanted to "quarrel" with Kusumi-san more...
Although we sang "Kousui" so many times together...although we did so many things...
But ~ No matter how far these 9 of us are separated from one another, no matter where we are, our hearts will always be together, that is what I believe it. Yes ~ I believe in that.

Until these 9 members' very last, we will try our best so everyone please continue to support us

9/19 Matsudo Linlin
Yay. Everyone. The concert tour had started. Haha
This will be the last concert tour for this line-up. Kusumi-san is always full of energy and is vert cute. I like her a lot. Even if she graduates, we will always be friends. Of course the shrimp friends* too. I'll be watching over her forever. Everyone too, please watch over her.

Watching everyone's lovely smiles, I'm very happy. The concert tour is going to continue so everyone lets have fun together.

*She said ebinakama. I'm not sure if it has any other meanings or anything, but if I translate it directly, it means something like shrimp friends.


I strongly encourage readers who have yet to read the translations for the Koharu vs Junjun arguments to read them or even, re-read them even though they are really sloppy ^^; Koharu may not be particularly attached to any of the members because of her busy schedule, but they definitely had fun together during concerts and Morning Musume's events. All right enough. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite.

Will be waiting patiently for Eri's pocket diaries