Eri's profile picture - Kimagure Princess

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Morning Musume's profile pictures have been updated today and yes, the girls are in their "Kimagure Princess" outfits. Eri is as gorgeous as ever and that hat suits her really well. Not forgetting her stylish pose for the full body photo. Eri's new hair length adds on to the perfectness of her new profile pictures. I prefer her not-too-long hair for this outfit to her May 2009's hair length.

I wouldn't say I saw the sexiness the fans and girls talked about right after I saw the pictures because of the long pants but after a second look, Eri looks really sexy even though she isn't exposing much. I can't find the correct words to describe how it feels like, but the way Eri smiled, the way she folded her hands and the way she held onto her belt certainly shot out Eri's sexiness. Sexy and beautiful and at the same time, she is still melting Kameists' hearts with her cuteness.