Gaki-Kame in Shizuoka (09/30)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gaki-san and Eri went to Shizuoka this evening to promote Morning Musume's ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka that will be held on September 17. They appeared on K-MIX "Radio the Boom" before proceeding to Shizuoka Asa TV "Dobikkiri! Shizuoka" studio.

Lots of fans turned up for the radio show and the radio show's website was updated every 15 seconds or so with new pictures of the girls in the studio. I didn't manage to save all since I was obviously a little too slow, but I managed to save 120 over screencaps. You can download the pictures here or click here to view all the screencaps. Eri looked as though she was about to sleep on the show or was just that she blinks really slowly.

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The DJ updated the radio show's blog with a picture of the 2 girls and some of the talks they had during the live radio show itself. I will translate the radio soon as soon as possible once I get the time to so please be patient!

As for the "Dobikkiri! Shizuoka" TV show, the girls mainly promoted their ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka and talked a little about Shizuoka's tea. It is available for download here.

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They gave a short introduction of themselves and Gaki-san told the hosts that the current leader is Takahashi Ai, the current sub-leader is Gaki-san herself and the middle-manager of Morning Musume is Eri. When the host asked Eri is it was hard to handle her post, Eri replied yes, lol.

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The male host asked them how old they are and both the girls replied with a "Both of us are 20 years old" and an extremely sweet smile.

They then moved on to the promotions for ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka. It has been 2 years since the last time Morning Musume has performed in Shizuoka and surprisingly, even after 2 years, the concert will be performed by the same line-up still. As "Nanchatte Renai" PV continued playing, Gaki-san told the hosts that they were given Shizuoka's tea earlier on when they were in their dressing rooms. It was very delicious.

Nice to see Gaki-Kame going around for promotions together since Eri is grouped with the juniors most of the time when it comes to promoting and Gaki-san is not sent for promotions often. I bet it wasn't a stressful trip for Eri since she somewhat relied on Gaki-san to do the promoting. Gaki-san and Eri are looking cute in their Autumn outfits. Eri's outfit reminded me of Morning Days Vol.2 and I think I'm starting to love the not-too-long hair of Eri. No idea whether its just me or its the way that she has been styling it that makes her look absolutely adorable.

You can download "Radio the Boom" show here. Its a very bad quality recording though.