Radio the Boom! (090930)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Mail from listener
- Although both of you are called Gaki-Kame, but you 2 are like the big sisters of Morning Musume. The current 9-person line-up has not changed for more than 2 years. I think that the juniors had grown up too. Especially when Risa-chan is the sub-leader, I'm sure you worry about the members as you lead them along right? (lol) Is there any member who you guys think she has grown up?

Gaki : I see ~ Even though the listener wrote "like the big sisters," whenever both of us go for promotions, she is very restless and acts irresponsibly (lol)
Kame : Its fun ~ Its very fun ~
Host : Even her way of speaking is very restless (lol)
Gaki : When she is with other juniors, she is pretty sensible. Even if there isn't much information in the talks, she will pay full attention listening to them but the moment she is with me, she'll be completely different. Earlier on before we entered the booth, she was playing a game.
Kame : There was a gaming console there ♪
*There is a video gaming console in the studio to keep the guests entertained.
Kame : The game had a "Dere dede dede ♪" sound!
*Please try to imagine how it sounds when you're playing Super Mario and is in one of the earthen pipes.
Gaki : She said things like "Yay! I cleared the level!" in the mid of the meeting.
Kame : Even though I did that, I listened properly and remembered the details. I remember the important details. I've grown up.
Gaki : No no no no no! (lol)
Host : Are you clear about what's your next assignment?
Kame : Yes, very clear.

Another mail from listener
- Please do something like a sign or a pose or a keyword that only the listeners will know in your upcoming concert in Shizuoka.

Kame : Recently, I like whacking other members on stage ~
Gaki : Ah! I got whacked by her! ...Sometimes.
Kame : I hope you'll try your best at falling after I try my best at whacking you.
Gaki : Why so I have to fall! I don't like the idea of it!
Kame : Your falls are usually so small that no one can notice it.
Gaki : Why not we switch roles? (That means Gaki-san will do the whacking)
Kame : No way ♪
Gaki : Σ
Kame : I think it is a role whereby no one can do it unless she is the sub-leader.

The recording's quality is really so bad that I couldn't hear most of their talks. All I heard was about Eri being sleepy and the girls talking about Fukui dialect so I guess that's all that I can translate for this radio show. Looking forward to ~Nine smile~ concert in Shizuoka! Hees.