[Pocket Diary] Anime Expo 2009 - Michishige Sayumi

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not Eri's pocket diary (She didn't write one) but just read it, because Sayu has a message for all the fans who had attended Anime Expo ~
Hi ♪ Hello ♪
Hello everyone

I'm Michishige Sayumi who had returned to Japan

Yes. Everyone, I've went to Los...Los Angeles, yes! (^_^)v

Well, people who knew were there too~
!! You guys really keep track with us don't you~~!!

There were fans from Japan who went to Los too~~!!

This time round, we participated in Anime Expo 2009
And our "3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT" was the theme song for the event ♪

We had a concert there too!!

The people in Los was very welcoming!!!!

They were all fired up
They gave "oh" "WA" "Fu" cheers in every song and that made me really happy
It raised my tension too

Just by watching so many cosplayers at the event, I enjoyed myself~
I wish I could have joined in the fun since I love cosplaying too
Looking at how the cosplayers looked in Anime Expo, it made me realise the cosplays I have been doing at home are still not up to standard and they made me want to improve myself in that area
What made me feel like going back to Los again is because the Anime Expo was really fun and lots of people came to watch our concert, making precious memories together with us
I feel that I've made some good memories for my late teens after going to Los before my 20th birthday. Also ♪ The last concert of my teens was held in Los and it was a superb concert
I'm glad
I'm grateful towards everyone...Looks like I'm living in happiness afterall
To all the fans in Los
Thank you
Thank you
Also, to those Japanese fans who had made a trip to Los specially together with us
Also also, to those who went to Los despite living far away from Los...
I'm really touched by you guys
Even though we are far apart from one another, you guys are always keeping track of our news, forming the connection between us. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I'm really happy to be able to participate in Anime Expo and meet everyone there
I'll like go Los and of course, lots of other places!!
For the sake of making it come true, I feel that I'll have to put in even more effort than before

All right!! Lets do our best

And the first step..
I've yet to adjust back from the jetlag...so........
She probably went to bed or something, lol.