InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #106 (091007)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

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From this week onwards, FIVE STARS Wednesday will be aired at 24:00 to 24:30. The show started off with Reina fumbling with her words and declaring that she is going to try give adult-like talks to match the midnight atmosphere. Moving on Reina's opening talk, she finds the concert halls for ~Nine smile~ concert tour humid. Although she doesn't sweat often, she is sweating a little during the concerts for this concert tour. Talking about concerts, dust often gets into Reina's eyes when she is performing. On this episode of FIVE STARS Wednesday, Reina gave a hint to all the listeners about a song she will be performing in for the ~Nine smile~ concert tour and the song she was referring to was none other than "Kioku meiro" which is performed by Takahashi Ai and Reina herself for this concert tour.

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

Since young, Reina prefers bread to rice. When Reina was still schooling, her canteen only offers white bread everyday so it was like "Ah, this again." However, the canteen sometimes offers bread with chocolate spread, bread with margarine and bread with strawberry jam. Even though it is just jam, Reina will be very happy as it is certainly better than eating the same thing everyday. There is also a dish called chirikonkan that has a tomato taste to it and has beans in it. Fukuoka's chirikonkan has only soy beans in the dish while Tokyo's chirikonkan has a variety of beans added into the dish.

FIVE STARS Wednesday with Tanaka Reina as host has been running for 2 full years and is now onto its 3rd year. Reina hopes to share more stories of herself and Morning Musume with all the listeners and let everyone know more about her.

Once, when a senior told Koharu that she was not in sync with the rest of the members during a lesson, Koharu replied with a "That's because I'm me." When Reina heard about it, she thought Koharu was being really courageous to do that and she found it funny. Though so, if Koharu had told her that, she would definitely be pissed off by her. As Koharu has a high-pitched voice and speaks loudly, she is often told by their teacher to lower her voice during concert MC segments. Still, Koharu will say that she is this way and she wants to go on being this way. Reina is pretty confident Koharu will do well alone after she graduates from Morning Musume since she is one energetic girl and is popular among young children. She hopes that Koharu will continue to try her very best.

Nishino Kana - Motto
Morning Musume - Subete wa Ai no Chikara

Reina now wants a dark-pink cover that suits her taste for her bed very badly. The designs that she likes are usually available for single-bed bed covers only. Reina once talked about wanting a double-bed so she changed from a single-bed to a double-bed but now, because she can't find a nice cover, she wants to switch back to using a single-bed. Not just for this reason though. Being a fickle person, Reina has gotten sick of the big bed which takes up lots of space in her room. As Reina's mother doesn't allow her to get another bed, Reina is now hunting for suitable dark-pink cover with heart-shape or butterfly designs for her bed. She asked for listeners who happen to see such a cover to mail the details of the store to the radio show. When Reina was at Donki Houte looking her bed sheet, she found a dark pink heart-shape curtain and bought it. Unfortunately, it isn't big enough. Anyway, with that, Reina gave 5 stars to the dark-cover bed sheet which she is currently looking for. Yes, she is giving it 5 stars although she has yet to find it ^^;

(Requested) High King - Kioku no Meiro

Promotions for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Reina : OtsukaReina!

If you're planning to listen to the radio show itself, pay attention to Reina's fumbling of words.
Translation for this week's Konusapi to be up soon...hopefully.