InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #101 (090902)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

August has been a rather eventful month for Reina with all those "Nanchatte Renai" promotions and handshake events. One of the radio show for the promotion titled "Morning Musume Nanchatte RADIO" was hosted by the 6th generation. After the radio show, they had a handshake event with the fans. The last time the 6th generation members were involved in a handshake event together without other members was not long after they entered Morning Musume. Having such an event together with Eri and Sayu again brought back the old memories to Reina. After the event, as they were chatting about it, they felt really lucky to be in the 6th generation. Although they don't get many opportunities to work together, the 3 of them work well together because they are all free-willed people and since they are of the same generation, they don't have to hold back themselves when talking to one another. A new unit for the 6th generation will be a great idea since they have been discussing about it for sometime now. However, if that ever happens, there won't be anyone there to lead/organise the unit because of their individual personalities. Coming back to the handshake event, because the event was held outdoors, when thanking and chatting with the fans, Reina had to raise her voice to make herself heard. It was also partly because of her high tension that day that caused her to be speaking so loudly but anyway, she got a sore throat the next day. Still, she had enjoyed herself and is looking forward to more events with the other 2 Rokkies.

Morning Musume - Aki Urara ♪

Reina has a dream to perform with a microphone decorated by her with glittering decorations and to wear earphones that are decorated by herself. One example of what she will do is to put "R" and "T" on each of the earphones as part of the design. Another thing she will want to do on a concert stage is to surprise the audience by appearing at a completely unexpected spot. Her idea was for a shadow to be projected on the stage to mislead the audience before she appears. She knows it is not possible for the time being because they can't possibly make all 9 members do that.

Not long ago, Reina went back to Fukuoka with Koharu for "Nanchatte Renai" promotions. Koharu mentioned on 2 of the radio shows that they ate the black mont blanc. A listener happens to have a same liking for the black mont blanc asked Reina if she had tried the mirukukku ice-cream which is also one of the products of the black mont blanc's company. Reina had heard of it before but had never tried it. She will definitely check it out the next time she returns to Fukuoka though. Reina got pretty excited after describing how the black mont blanc looks like.

During one of the Hello! Chanpuru MCs, Reina talked about pulling a wire out from the back of her body. What happened was that Reina wore an outfit that revealed her back and her mother noticed a black mark on Reina's back. She asked if it was a mole but since its Reina's back, she can't see it herself. Her mother then placed her finger on the spot and it actually hurt. At first, Reina thought it was because of her mother's fingernail it wasn't so. As they tried to feel the thing, they realised it actually moved each time they pressed it. After around an hour, Reina's mother finally managed to get the thing out of Reina's body. It was thick, hard and slightly longer than 2cm. in length Yup, it was a piece of wire. Reina joked about herself being "The Terminator", lol.

Big Bang - Gara Gara Go ♪
Mano Erina - Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo ♪

Reina went to watch the Corteo recently. The movements of the acrobats were very graceful and Reina described the overall performance as "magnificent". She wants to watch it again, for around 5 more times. The performance was so enjoyable that Reina thinks that little children who went to watch it would probably be jumping on their beds after being inspired by the performers after the show. In fact, Reina had the urge to do it too, but of course, she didn't. It was not only enjoyable but also exciting because of the dangerous leaps by the acrobats. Watching the performance, Reina realised she shouldn't be complaining about having rehearsals as the performers there are risking their lives there and their rehearsals are definitely tougher. The Corteo's performance requires both physical and mental strength (To concentrate) as the stunts are not easy. Moved by the performance, Reina gave 5 stars to the Corteo and encouraged listeners to watch it at least thrice.

High King - Diamonds ♪

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~
Reina can't reveal much about the setlist, but she said she will be singing that. I have no idea what she meant by "that" neither did she elaborate about it so we can only guess. Some of the guesses on 2ch were "Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G" and "Body Feels Exit".

Reina : GanbaReina!