Konya mo Usachan Peace #148 (090902)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sayu and Junjun were sent to Yamaguchi to promote "Nanchatte Renai" in August. They visited the Tokuyama zoo together during that trip. However, because it was summer at that time, the weather was naturally very humid. Sayu was not the only one feeling warm though. The animals there were too. They were so restless that even when Sayu called out to them they didn't even respond. The monkeys' faces were redder than usual too. Watching how energy-less the animals were, Sayu laughed out loud. The animals really made her day.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

During concerts, there will be a catering service available in the backstage and the food they offer are mainly steak and fried food. There are also set meals like Shougayaki. The catering service will definitely prepare salads too. Sayu has no idea whether its because the Morning Musume members like it, but no matter what, they will prepare salads for them. These are the common dishes that they get. Whenever they get pasta, Sayu will be overjoyed as they don't get noodle-related dishes often. Also, it will be good if there is chilled Chinese noodles during summer. Sayu likes Kakuni and had once overate it resulting in an unpleasant feeling in her stomach in the mid of the concert. To avoid letting history repeat itself, Sayu is restraining herself from eating Kakuni so that she wouldn't give in to temptation. There are often fish dishes available too. Sayu is okay with the salmons but not mackerels because even after eating and brushing her teeth, in the mid of the concert, Sayu will still be able to smell the mackerel smell in her mouth. She likes mackerels, but she is restraining herself from eating them before concerts.

When Sayu was 18 years old, she was on a diet. Not exactly a diet. She stopped herself from eating. Thinking back, she thought she had a pretty strong mentality as the current Sayu will definitely not be able to do so. Surprisingly, she enjoyed being able to resist to temptation back then but once, during her off, she ate something sweet and totally lost control of herself. By doing that, she gained 2kg within a day. The current Sayu gains weight easily too. After a meal of yakiniku, she can easily gain 1.2kg. She doesn't restrain herself from eating nowadays though, she remembers how worried her mother was when she was on the killer-diet 2 years ago. Now, she will just be careful of what she eats.

Not long ago, the OGs and Morning Musume appeared on Music Station. They had rehearsals together for that appearance and the rehearsals made Sayu realised how each and everyone of them has a strong personality and was still like before. The my-pace Konkon would turn up later for the rehearsals and enter the the room with a "Good morning~" in a fluffy manner. Yuko took the chance to tell them to request for a signed copy of the upcoming 41st single. Charmy was so kind to Sayu during the rehearsals that it made Sayu somewhat regret what she said about Charmy on radio shows.

Situation : When watching "Platinum 9 DISCO" concert DVD
Angel Sayumi : It brings back the memories of the fun concert tour!
Devil Sayumi : Well, I can just skip those parts without me.

Sayu really does what the "Devil Sayumi" said. However, if she gets some free time, she will watch the full DVD. Still, she will concentrate more on "It's You", her solo song. Sayu believes the rest of the members and the fans do it too. Forwarding the DVD to/repeating the parts they like.

Situation : What is the dish that you're most confident of making?
Angel Sayumi : I don't cook often...
Devil Sayumi : My skilful talks sprinkled with sexy-ness is a delicious dish for all the listeners right?

Situation : When Tsunku gives Sayu a solo part.
Angel Sayumi : Wuaaah~ Thank you! I will try my very best for it!
Devil Sayumi : Gees, you're slow. You only noticed my talent now. You should give me the chorus next.

Sayu is amazed by how well Aichan handles the choruses. Even in front of the audience, she is not only able to nail her lines perfectly, she is able to put on relevant facial expressions. Lots of hard work are hidden behind Aichan's performances! Sayu is motivated to work hard too! (:

Situation : After appearing on a number of variety shows.
Angel Sayumi : I was nervous at first but the entertainers/actresses were very kind to me so I felt relaxed.
Devil Sayumi : Again, I realised I'm the cutest of all.

Nope, Sayu really don't think so. As Sayu is often seated at the back row in variety shows, she gets to observe the rest of the entertainers. She noticed the entertainers all have a very slim neck ^^; Also, the entertainers were very kind. Maybe its because they have once experienced what Sayu is going through now, they are able to sense Sayu's nervousness even without Sayu telling them. They made her feel welcomed by chatting with her and assuring her that everything will go without a hitch.

Situation : Ishikawa rushing into the elevator right before the door closed.
Angel Sayumi : That was dangerous! The door almost closed on Ishikawa-san!
Devil Sayumi : Bleah. If only I had pressed the "close" button a little faster.

Morning Musume - Yowamushi ♪

This week's sexy word
Sayu : Mangosteen~
Sayu had no idea such a fruit actually exists.

Promotion for Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine smile~

Sayu : OyaSayumin