West Wind (090830) - UN-AIRED

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This translation is for the un-aired segments/talks from West Winder (090830) show recording.

Whenever Eri is troubled or worried, she will not be able to fall asleep at night. Her cure to it is to laugh out loud to herself and she will be able to sleep after that. The hosts were curious about how Eririn laughs out loud so they requested for her to do a demonstration. Our little turtle than sabotaged one of the hosts to say something amusing so that she can laugh at it. She promised to laugh but after the host did his gag, Eri didn't do as promised...well...the gag was not that funny anyway, lol. Eri eventually gave a very girlish "lol" laughter after the other host did another gag.

After Eri talked about her stiff shoulders, the host asked Aika if she finds having to massage Eri's shoulders a troublesome task. Aika replied that she enjoys massaging but if she claims that its her speciality, she knows she will piss Sayu off because Sayu has been boasting about being a good masseur.

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During Lexxi's mirror talk, when Morning Musume was asked about whether they constantly check their attire, Gaki-san pointed out Sayu's love for mirrors. When Sayu told the hosts that she does the "Yes! I'm cute too today!", Lexxi took the initiative to lend Sayu his mirror and well, that's the story behind this screencap.

Translation for the aired Morning Musume portion.