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Monday, May 18, 2009

KoNyaNyaNyaNyaan!! (‘o‘)ノ
- 2009/5/17 Sunday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

I'm Michishige Sayumi ♪

The thing that I'm current crazy about is~!!

The members like the small cubes of rusk filled with lots of sugar that can be finished in a bite while at home, my family likes the white chocolate coated rusks ★!♪☆

Either one is still very delicious

But actually, other than rusk, there's something else I'm crazy about,,
and that's..
this Ojigi Blog!!(≧∇≦)

If only I was typing with one hand, stuffing rusks into my mouth with another, preparing myself to eat the tasty rusks, that'll be the best ↑↑↑↑♪

That's because the Sayumi by then, has already mastered how to do all her favourite things at one go (≧ε≦)

...... and that, is how the current Sayumi is (^O^)
Yes, I'm enjoying myself↑*

Rehearsal is going to advance to a higher level~~(⌒〜⌒)
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*She was eating and blogging at the same time.