Konya mo Usachan Peace #137 (090617)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #137 (090617)


Opening Talk
Ojigi de SHAPE UP! rehearsals are really enjoyable for all of them including the famous-for-hating-rehearsals Tanaka Reina is having fun too, turning up for rehearsals in cute outfits. Before the rehearsals, they'll play games which were thought up by the experienced performers and if the experienced performers screw up 2 times, they'll have to go through the penalty game while for the 4 MM members and the new performers, they get 4 chances. The penalty game was to impersonate something and Sayu didn't want to lose so she gave all her best while playing the game. Afraid that she may screw up one day, Sayu had prepared a joke beforehand so that she will not have any problems handling the penalty game but the day never came. Its not that she wants to do it, but she wants to know how funny the joke will be. She thought of using it on the Red Carpet but she didn't.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Sayu's small room
The staffs bugged Sayu to use her joke so here it comes!

- Michishige Sayumi's wild sexy diary
I'll read out perfectly ordinary phrases in a sexy way

Sayu : Konjac Jelly (Sexy)

If you don't find it funny, Sayu is telling you to change the way you look at it. Sayu personally thinks its funny and thought up of lots of categories. She'll like to know what the listeners think so do send in your opinions to her even if its a harsh comment. Sayu suggested to the staffs that it can be a new corner for Konusapi.

Sayu on Yaguchi's blog
Yaguchi is a really nice and welcoming senior. Watching the loud ever-energetic-and-laughing Yaguchi, it makes Sayu feel energetic too. Talking about variety, Sayu reveals that she is actually very nervous on variety shows. So nervous that when travelling to the studio, she had to listen to some MM songs to make herself feel as though the rest of the members were by her side so that she can calm down. Sayu's jinx - If after listening to a certain song before the recording of the variety show and the recording turns out well, she'll listen to the same song the next time she goes for another variety show. The songs on her playlist now are Shouganai Yume Oibito, Naichau Kamo, Yowamushi and more. The song that transqulises her the most is Eri's solo song, Kataomoi no Owari ni. The melody is soft and the intro of the song sounds as though one is about to embark on a new journey of life. And of course, Eri's sweet voice is very soothing as though there's a healing effect in her voice. Sayu usually listens to Eri's voice as she heads for a variety show recording.

Sayu's habit of taking photos from the same angle and using the same poses over and over again. Sender wonders if that's the best angle to look at Sayu.
Sayu admits that when she thinks that that's a best position, she'll just show pictures taken from that angle since she don't see the need to post something that's not the best but she is going to try posting pictures which are not just taken from the best position. Also, she had noticed that not just the angle is the same, the place where she takes photos of herself is the same too as thought it is her best location. Sayu discovered a place in her house whereby the lighting is really good and when she takes a picture of herself using her right hand, a peace sign on another brought up near to her face, blocking her chubby cheeks, the picture will turn out 3 times cuter than the actual Sayumi.

On another radio show, fellow 6th generation members, Kamei Eri and Tanaka Reina were asked if they were to have a relationship with another MM member, who will it be. Eri and Reina chose one another. Sender directs the question to Sayu.
Sayu feels lonely because the 2 Rokkies didn't choose her. But anyway, the first one that came into Sayu's mind was Eri since she is the one closest to her and Eri is not only feminine, she also has a strong sense of humaneness. She added on that Eri is not afraid of expressing herself and doesn't hide anything from anyone. Watching her this way makes Sayu thinks that she should be aiming to be like Eri. If Sayu was a guy, she'll choose Eri who will probably help her a lot in improving herself. BUT, since Eri and Reina choose one another, if Sayu joins in, it'll be a love triangle so if she were to choose another member, she may choose Takahashi Ai. If she gets to choose someone who isn't from MM, she'll choose Mano Erina because she's cute and will be a girlfriend who one can boast about. While if it was Eri, she'll probably be concerned if Eri is all right (Self-explanatory). Sayu quickly added on that Eri's not a complete idiot though.

FYI, Rokkies answers in 2008 → 2009
Eri Aichan (2008) → Reina (2009)
Sayu Eri (2008) → Eri (2009) → 2nd choice : Aichan (2009)
Reina Eri (2008) → Eri (2009)

Mail from KOUCHI-KEN. Sender's name is Sayumi too and is born in Heisei era.
The only person Sayu had ever met who shares the name as her is an old lady. She is glad to see another Sayumi-chan even though the sender's Sayumi is written in Kanji which Sayu envies her for that.

Dajarenbou Shougun
Both Aichan and Sayu love green tea-flavoured food like ice, chocolate and so on but quite a number of members in MM dislike green tea so there are usually lots of green tea-flavoured stuff that are leftover so its actually a good thing for the green tea lovers of MM.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Ending Talk
Sender suffers from kinetosis but Sayu don't, so she can't really understand how he feels. But if a boat shakes too much, Sayu will feel dizzy too. Unable to give a proper advice to his question, Sayu suggests him to send it to another radio program xD

Promotions for Hello! Projecy 2009 Summer ~Hello! Chanpuru~

Sayu : OyaSayumin ♥


Congrats to Sayu for completing her map now that a listener from Kouchi-ken had sent in a mail! Even though its only broadcast'd in Nagoya, Sayu had received mails from every part of Japan. Perhaps she should now start a map for Asia and then a world map! :P