Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skipped some of the not-so-interesting parts cause the host was being irritating and talking too much.
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Guest : Kamei Eri & Tanaka Reina
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Started off with Platinum 9 DISCO which had ended just last Sunday. Even though the girls always complain on how fast time flies during concert tours, this time round, they found it really fast.

Comments on one another's personality.
Reina : For Eri, fans probably have an image of her being the type to fool around and all innocent but she often shoots straightforward remarks like "You aren't funny" or "You're cold" at me.
Eri : You're saying too much! Really too much!
Host : What about Reina's personality?
Eri : She's from Fukuoka so she speaks in Hakata dialect. So when people ask her "Shitteru?" ("You know?") she'll reply with a "Shiran" ("I don't know" The way its said sounds pretty haughty). We may think that its because of her Hakata dialect but for this girl's case, its her character!
Reina : But I'm not trying to hide that side of me anyway! Whether its during concerts or radio shows, I'll just speak my mind.
Later on Reina had also mentioned that when Eri's in high tension no one can stop her but when she switches to the serious mode, she'll do things properly and not fool around.

Morning Musume - Shouganai Yume Oibito ♪

Shouganai Yume Oibito talk
Eri : This time round its a very heartbreaking song and we're singing as a girl who loves a guy who has a lot of dreams.
Reina : That's right.
Host : I'll give the way you introduced the song 150 points.
Reina : Can I interrupt for a moment? Eri wasn't the one who thought up of this description for this song.
Eri : (Cuts in) Why are you exposing me?! You're suppose to be my friend right?
Reina : ..It was actually thought up by our sub-leader Niigaki Risa-chan.
Host : Lol
Eri : I have problems remembering it.
Host : So that explains the movement of your eyes towards the top left hand corner just now! You were trying to remember it.

Chocolates ~
Reina received a box of white chocolates that has Reina's picture on it from someone earlier on. She gave one of them to the host since there were quite a number of them in the box.

Promotion for Ojigi de SHAPE UP! stage play
Morning Musume - 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Q. If you were to fall in love with one of the members, who will it be?
Eri's answer : Reina will be good.
Reina's answer : Eri will be good.

Reina : You gotta be kidding! You probably placed that as the answer cos' you knew you'll be on the show together with me.
Eri : No! It wasn't that way! Reina's a little yankee-ish..
Host : She has a strong image
Eri : ..and she pretty open..
Host : She's straightforward.
Eri : But she's the most girlish in MM.
FYI. One year ago when Eri was asked a similar question, Eri had answered with Aichan but it seems like Reina's more attractive to Eri now.

Host : When asked the reason for why she chose Eri, Reina replied that she thinks that Eri is the cutest among all the members.
Eri : EHHH? Are you serious?!
Host : Yes.
Eri : Its Reina who wrote that?!
Host : Yes.
Eri : Are you kidding me?!
Host : I mean it! Here, look!
Reina then added on that Eri's face is cute by nature.
FYI. Reina has been asked this question for 3 times and she had always answered them with Eri all the while and her reasons are always because she thinks Eri's cute-ness stands out.

Promotion for Ojigi de SHAPE UP! stage play
Morning Musume - SONGS♪