InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #090 (090617)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #090 (090617)

Opening Talk
Recently, Reina has been falling asleep while watching the TV. Even though she's enjoying herself, the next moment when she opens her eyes, it'll be morning already. Not long ago, while watching Shabekuri 007, Reina fell asleep and dreamed of herself involved in a talk with the guests on Shabekuri 007, trying her very best to participate in the talk since she was surrounded entertainers on the show, who are great talkers. Also, Reina's one who listens to music as she sleeps so there are times where the song appears in her dreams too. Reina thinks dreams are awesome, because even things that we have never thought about, they often happen in our dreams.

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Mail #1 - The sender was surprised when he saw the picture of the black-hair-Reina on Ojigi's blog. Sender asks Reina if there's a reason behind the colour and if she's satisfied with the black hairstyle. If you're thinking that Reina had dyed her hair black because of Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play, she's telling you the reason behind her sudden black hairstyle has isn't related to the play. Its just that during Ojigi's rehearsal, suddenly, just suddenly, Reina felt like changing the colour of her hair. After discussing with her mom, Reina dyed her hair using a temporary dye which goes off after a week 4weeks before Ojigi play starts because she wasn't in favour of the idea of performing with a black hairstyle but the dye didn't go off and she had to attend the SYO event with it. She expected fans to mention about her black hair during the SYO event but the fans didn't do so so Reina thought they probably didn't notice it. At first when she dyed it black, she didn't like it but after some time she's satisfied with it but the dye had already went off. Reina will announce it somewhere if she happens to dye it black again.

Mail #2 - Sender asks Reina if she's happy when she sees someone using the same phone/bag and etc. because the person has the same interests as her or does she not like the sight of it. The sender personally will feel like driving away if he sees a car that is the same as his. Reina is completely against the idea. For eg. If she bought an outfit, but before she even got to wear it, she saw another member wearing an outfit with the same design, she will not want to wear it because it'll look as though she copied that member and she doesn't want people to think of her this way. But if she happens to see someone holding on to something that she has too, she'll just say that she has that too as though it is to declare "Its not that I copied you". Instead of wanting to run away, Reina will feel frustrated when she sees someone using the same item as her.

Mail #3 - Listener brings up the question asked on FIVE STARS Monday, informing Reina that Gaki-han takes 1-2 hours to write up a pocket morning diary while Kame-han takes only 2-3 minutes. Like Eri, Reina was surprised when she heard Gaki-san spending 1-2hours just for a pocket morning diary. The longest Reina will take is probably around 10minutes. She'll plan how to phrase what she wants to say beforehand so that the message will not be lengthy because Reina herself will get bored of reading certain things when they are too long.

Mail #4 - Stress check! Open up your notepads and join in the fun!

Reina's results are in the brackets
1. You don't find anything funny (X)
2. Become impatient easily (X)
3. You feel sluggish (X)
4. You don't feel like meeting people (X)
5. You sigh very often (X)
6. Feel irritated (O)
7. Dump things away without a second thought (O)
8. Your brain can't work (X)

0-2 Yes, You are not stressed at all.
3-5, Please don't overstress yourself.
6-8, Quickly find a way to relieve your stress.

Sender reminds Reina to not stress herself out even though her job is a stressful one. For Reina, when she feels stressed, she'll scream it all out but since she's really enjoying herself now a days, stress doesn't exist in her world.

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Like she had mentioned on Ojigi's blog, before every Ojigi rehearsal, they'll play a game. There's a tongue twister game whereby the first player will recite a tongue twister before pointing to another player, and the second player will have to recite the tongue twister 2 times before he can point to another play and the number of times just keeps increasing. Reina's able to say them out so quickly because she had been practising them for some time now, but when she first started playing the game, she often messed up, throwing in random phrases. Thanks to this game, it roused Reina's interest in tongue twisters. She shares some of the tongue twisters that the all the Ojigi members thought up together. (Do listen to this part if you aren't, ~21:30 , Reina is pretty good at it)

1. Burajirujin mirakuru birakuwari
2. Andoromedazadazon (?!)
3. Yakushayachu Jakesha Satsue (Reina can't do this one)

Players who are unable to repeat the tongue twisters properly will be punished. All the while, throughout the whole rehearsal period, Reina had never lost and never had to go through the penalty game, which was to do an impersonation, but once, they played it before the real performance and she lost. She was told to imitate a shrimp which after doing, there was a cold atmosphere in the room. Reina recommends this game since its not only fun, it also helps them to warm up before an actual performance so they won't mess up their lines on stage. With that, tongue twisters are five star'd by Reina!

From now on Reina will be trying tongue twisters on FIVE STARS Wednesday so do send in your tongue twisters to her!
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