Konya mo Usachan Peace #138 (090624)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #138 (090624)


Opening Talk
Started off with Ojigi's final performance talk. The girls received a bouquet each which came as a surprise and they sang Ojigi's theme song once more at the end of the performance. It was a really touching performance but there is something Sayu will like to apologise about. On last week's Konusapi, Sayu mentioned that she didn't get a chance to use her gag for her punishment game so she did the gag on the radio show. However, it wasn't so. Sayu lost in the end and had to do it. She was as embarrassed as how she was when she did it during last episode's recording. As Konusapi is a pre-recorded radio show, after last week's recording, Sayu headed for her Ojigi rehearsal and lost the game, that is why Sayu had spoke a little too soon on the radio show saying that she didn't get the chance to do the punishment game. Also, on that day, by coincidence, it was the DVD recording for the rehearsal footage, so we'll probably get to see Sayu doing her "Konjac Jelly "

Melon Kinenbi & Beat Crusaders - Don't say goodbye ♪

Sayu's small room
Mail #1 - Sender asks Sayu to talk about the Okinawa trip for her image DVD and photobook. Sayu describes this photobook to be the most natural one as compared to the rest of the photobooks she had released. In fact, some of the make-ups are close to not having any make-up on since she was told to show what a girl in her teens can. The naturalness in the photobook is something Sayu will like all her fans to look forward to. As for the DVD, Sayu has no idea why, but she was asked to do some kick-boxing when her weakness is sports. She complained about how tiring it was and the next day she had to attend the dance lesson for the new single with a muscle ache. Even though so, Sayu will like fans to pay attention to the kick-boxing part as she had tried really hard during the kick-boxing session. The DVD includes Sayu's letter to her future-self in 10 years. She can't remember what she wrote but she thinks its something really good so she encouraged fans to pay attention to that part too. Sayu will be waiting your reviews!

Mail #2 - Eri's character in Ojigi is Tsuru Erika while Reina's is Kuroda Reina. Both their characters' names are related to their real names. However, Sayu's character, Chii Ruruka's name is not related to Michishige Sayumi. Sender is curious about why Sayu was in the role of Chii Ruruka. Sayu has no idea why too. But when Ojigi had first started off with Aichan, Sayu and Tokkii, all these 3 girls' characters' names are not related to their real names. Eri and Reina only joined in the Ojigi cast afterwards in the roles of Tsuru Erika and Kuroda Reina so Sayu thinks the name-relationship-trend was only introduced after the first part of Ojigi. Although Sayu is not related to her character in terms of name, Chii Ruruka's personality is similar to Sayu's, going around doing Usachan Peace, not being able to make friends with small children and such. In the play, Ruruka is unable to communicate well with the 2 Hello Pro Eggs despite loving children. Sayu reveals that that happens to her in real life too. She tried to get closer to the 2 Hello Pro Eggs but it just don't seem to work. She shares an episode that happened in her dressing room. Karin went to Sayu asking her to look at a comic book. As one who loves children, Sayu was excited and agreed readily, misunderstanding Karin's intention of lending it to her for that moment, thinking that Karin is going to give it to her. Sayu noticed the troubled look on Karin's face as Karin was returning to her dressing room. Karin came back a few minutes later telling Sayu "Its about the comic book earlier on..its okay for you to borrow it..but my mother wants to read it too so can you return it to me after you're done reading it?". Sayu bet Karin had consulted someone before she came back to Sayu. Anyway, she quickly apologised and rushed through the comic book before returning it to Karin.

Mail #3 - While having a hairwash in the hair salon, whenever the hairdresser asks if there is any part of the head that itches, even if there is, the sender will not have enough courage to say that there is. Sayu understands the sender's feelings. Unlike other hair salons, the one that Sayu visits does not put a towel to refrain the shampoo/water from getting into their customers' eyes. She'll be torn between whether to close her eyes or not. The hairdresser often tries to initiate a conversation with Sayu while washing her hair asking "Your work for today is over?". Deep down Sayu will be thinking that "Of course it is, or else how would I be able to come?" or "Obviously, since its evening already" but in order to not show the devilish side of her, she replied with a simple "Yes". Not only this, she always gets asked repeated questions like "Where is your hometown?". Sayu will be dying to leave the salon as soon as possible but the hairdresser will always bug her to get a hair treatment which she'll give in after a while. After the treatment the hairdresser will be like "Your hair is better now isn't it?". Even though Sayu can't really feel it, she'll make use of what she learned as an idol and will touch her hair followed by a "Wow! It is!" reaction. Coming back to the itching talk, that is why Sayu does not want to tell the hairdresser even if there are parts that are itchy because she'll be initiating another annoying conversation with the hairdresser if they started going "Is it this part?" "More to the right?" and such. Sayu will rather wash her hair by herself afterwards when she gets home.

"If you can bring back only 1 item that you had lost, what will it be?" - Sayu will want back the scar-less body. Although wounds do recover, but there's always a faint scar left behind. Sayu's knees have lots of such scars even though it may not be clearly visible from far. Talking about injuries, it reminded Sayu of the iron incident that happened before Ojigi's performance. Sayu had her earphones on when she was doing up her make-up. One of the earphone dropped and while reaching out for it, Sayu touched the hair iron by accident, burning her wrist. Junjun too, had scalded her right hand recently with hot water.

"If you have to be the younger sister of either Fujimoto (Miki)-san and Ishikawa (Rika)-san, whose sister will you be?" - Sayu loves Charmy, but if it comes to having either one of them as her family member, she'll choose to have Mikitty as her sister as Mikitty is one who loves her family a lot. She went on talking about how much Mikitty had changed after leaving Morning Musume. The other day when Sayu had a TV show recording with Mikitty, Mikitty's smile was really sweet. So sweet that Sayu's reaction was like "Does she smile like this?". Also, when Mikitty noticed Sayu's nervousness before the recording since Sayu has yet to get used to variety shows, she called Sayu over to help Sayu out.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Ending talk
Mail #5 - Sender asks if there is anything that Sayu will definitely not want to lose to her brother and sister. Sayu will not want to lose to her siblings in the degree of affection from their mother. She wants her mother to pamper her more than her siblings.

Promotion for Sayu's photobook & image DVD

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