New Biyuuden & Tanpopo - Fans' predictions

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So from the tracklist for the Hello! Project album we know that Hello! Project units that were on hiatus/disbanded are going to be revived and make their comebacks this Summer and that includes a new Biyuuden. Since the new members of Tanpopo, Pucchi Moni, Mini Moni and Biyuuden have yet to be announced, I guess its only normal to see predictions from other fans. I was reading 2ch's prediction thread and noticed there were quite a number of predictions of Eri joining the new Biyuuden.

Some of the predictions for Biyuuden's new members
- Eri and 2 high school students from Hello Pro Eggs
- Eri, Miyabi & Maimi
- Eri, Miyabi & a Hello Pro Egg
- Eri, Sayu & someone
- Eri, Sayu & Mano
- Eri, Sayu & Junjun (A few had the same prediction and one of them reasoned that age will probably play a part in the decision of the new members and another reasoned that because this 3 are probably the sexiest)
- Eri, Sayu & Reina
- Aichan, Gaki-san & Reina

There are also predictions for Eri to be in Tanpopo. A fan predicted that the new members for Tanpopo may be Eri, Aika, Yurina & Chisato after assuming that the "♯" that was added behind Tanpopo (タンポポ♯) in the mail sent to the FC members stood for the Kanji "井". All the 4 Hello! Project members listed by the fan has a "井" Kanji in their names. 亀井絵里 Kamei Eri, 光井愛佳 Mitsui Aika, 熊井友理奈 Kumai Yurina, 岡井千聖 Okai Chisato. On several Eri fanblogs, the authors have too, discussed about whether Eri will be one of the new members in Tanpopo considering that Eri had done pretty well for the past 2 Tanpopo performances she had performed. (Last Kiss with Aichan and Reina and I & YOU & I & YOU & I with Charmy, Maimi and Megumi)

The post isn't suppose to make any sense. They are just predictions that I read on 2ch and some fanblogs for anyone who's interested in the fans' guesses.

...No idea why, but I'm hoping for Eri to be in the new Biyuuden.