Utaban (090614) - Wives special

Friday, June 26, 2009

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Topic : My husband's cute point
Miki : Everything of him (Shouji) is cute
Miki : No matter what he does I'll forgive him.
Miki : Even when he is sleeping he looks cute. Whatever he does is cute.

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Lol'd at Ookami's reaction. She was like "Wtf? Did she just say when he's sleeping?!"

Taka : If you aren't living together with him why do you know his sleeping habits?
Miki : I have sleepovers at his house.
Nakai : What was the highest count for the sleepovers?
Miki : 3 days in a row.
Taka : Then you will bring your own paja paja (pajamas) over?
Miki : Paja paja? I'll leave them at his house.

For Nono's case,
Nono : His smile when he is drunk.
In fact, the first time Nono met him, he was drunk and laughing. Old story again, about Nono getting rejected thrice before Taiyou confessed to her after a concert, kissing Nono on her forehead.

While on the topic of Ookami's husband, Motoki, she brought up that Motoki (A guy in Hexagon family) was convinced that there was someone who is more stupid than him after meeting Nono (Nono was on Hexagon 3hour special this month and she gave amusing answers). Even though Nono is sitting next to Motoki's wife, she said "Motoki-san is extremely dumb" and compared it to her own level of stupidness.

Ookami recalls an incident whereby Motoki was asked where's the biggest lake in Japan, he actually replied with Japan's sea. Even though they didn't pick on it, Nono mumbled to herself asking where is it, lol. Eri was once asked the similar question on Konusapi and she managed to answer it correctly.
Answer : Lake Biwa

And now for finance..
Taka : For example if both of you bought an apartment house and the installment is 200,000 yen per month, who will pay?
Miki : He'll pay.
Taka : Then if you guys bought a car and its 7,000,000 yen, who'll pay?
Miki : He'll pay.
Miki will only pay if Shouji is having problems coping.

Hokuto's advice to Ookami after she complained about Motoki spending too much on his aquarium..
"Just eat the fishes up."

Later on Nono mentions about Taiyou keeping an aquarium too. Shouji too, had consulted Miki on getting an aquarium but Miki didn't like that idea. They wonder if guys love aquariums.
Hokuto's advie #2 : Just add soy sauce and sugar then cook them (fishes).

Hokuto shared a story of her husband putting in the effort to celebrate Christmas with her. After a long day of work, Hokuto returned home to find their house lighted up with lots of illuminations which costed 30,000 yen. Even though her husband though Hokuto will be happy to see this, Hokuto was pissed off by him for wasting money this way.
Taka : With the nice lights both of you (censored) right?
Hokuto : That rascal fell asleep before that!! He fell asleep with the lights on.
Miki & Nono : How cute ~

Topic : The secret behind maintaining a relationship
For Miki, she sends more than 10 mails to Shouji everyday. She personally thinks that if he doesn't have the same habit of mailing, they wouldn't have got together.
Ookami : After sending him a mail he replies you immediately?
Miki : Not immediately though.
Ookami : That means if he doesn't reply to your mail, you can't accept that?
Miki : But he'll definitely reply
Nakai : But if Shouji is fooling around he won't be able to reply.
Miki : He doesn't fool around
And if Shouji happens to be having a meal with his seniors, he'll tell Miki about it asking her not to call him or mail him first as it'll appear to be disrespectful if he keeps excusing himself to pick up a call. As long as he tells Miki about it, Miki will trust him 100% without any doubts of him lying to her.

For Nono, ever since her last appearance on Utaban whereby everyone told her how they pity Taiyou having to reply to Nono's mails while at work, she stopped sending mails to him. After noticing Nono has stopped mailing him, Taiyou mailed Nono going "You haven't been mailing me recently ): " which made Nono realised he wanted her to mail her after all so she continued with her mailing habits. Also, Nono gives kisses to Taiyou everyday. The 4 regular kisses are : A good morning kiss, a here-i-go kiss, a welcome home kiss and a good night kiss. And for the sometimes-kisses are : A kiss after a meal and a kiss after a bath.
Nono : He's really amazing when he is drunk. Usually he'll call me "Non" but once when he was drunk he called me "Nonta~n "and kissed me..
Miki : That's disgusting (lol)
Nono : Don't say its digusting!
Nakai : What about you Fujimoto? Do you give kisses to him before you leave?

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Miki-sama's reaction to the question. Freezing in this pose for a few seconds before hehe-ing.
Taka : You don't want to talk about it?
Nakai : You don't want to do it yet?
Miki : (Nodding)Miki-sama's really sweet in this Utaban episode, not even hesitating to show how much she trusts Shouji


After the teasing of Shouji and Miki on Hexagon, its now Fujimon and Yukina's turn :P