Hello! 10th Party 2

Saturday, August 01, 2009

riHighlights only ~

Hello! 10th Party 2 in Fukuoka
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Ayaya : I think this photo was taken just some time before I debuted. When I was 14...the summer when I was 14 I think.
Fans : Ehhh? (They are just teasing Ayaya)
Ayaya : Huh? No? What?
Fans : (lol)
Ayaya : You guys are so annoying.

Who is the intro-ten queen? corner - The intro of a song will be played for a period of time and the fastest member who raises her hand gets to answer it first. Intro-songs 1-5 are all 1 point and the members will only have to answer with the song title while for intro-songs 6-10, the members have to answer with the song title as well as to sing the chorus of the song.

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During the 8th intro-song, although Reina was the fastest, she had forgotten how the intro sounded like hence her chance was forfeited. Linlin got it right in the end after Saitou and Ayumi guessed incorrectly. Even though it wasn't pointed out, Linlin messed up Namida ga Tomaranai no Houkago's lyrics. She again, messed up the lyrics of Sakura Chirari's chorus during the 9th song and went "Lalalala ♪" when she couldn't remember anything else. Cute mistakes (:

Episode Talk - In this corner, the selected member will choose 1 out of 10 topics to talk about for 90 seconds.

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Junjun chose Topic 9 - "My face turned red" episode
Junjun : Its something that happened yesterday. We had an event yesterday (NCK's release event) During the event, I had a T-shirt on. The T-shirt's front and back designs look similar and as I didn't notice it, I wore it the other side. So during the handshake event, I had this bright smile on my face that no one would even suspect me of wearing my shirt on the reversed side as I shook hands with the fans. The was a fan, who may be present here, who asked me "Junjun, isn't that the wrong side?" I couldn't hear him so I asked, "Pardon?" and he replied, "You're wearing it the wrong side!" I looked closely and realised I'm wearing the T-shirt on the reversed side and I blushed. During the break, I took off my shoes. My manager then came to me to tell me to wear my shirt properly. I ran off to change, leaving my shoes behind. I then fixed my attire. I was really embarrassed by it. Erm...uh...my talk has ended already...
MC : There is still some time left...10 seconds.
Junjun : Today I have checked properly so its definitely not worn on the wrong side.
- Time's up -

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Ayaya chose Topic 6 - "Something that I have been hiding from people" episode
Basically, she elaborated a lot about the whole episode, everything of it, except for the secret part. Before she even revealed anything, time was up, leaving both the fans and the H!P members dying of curiosity and yet, unwilling to make any comments about the secret as the time was up. She did that on purpose :D Its amazing how she thought up of such a plan within such a short time.

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Reina : Elder club will be graduating in March so Morning Musume will be the most senior group in Hello! Project. I will too, lead leader Aichan and work hard...
Fans : Ehh?!
Saitou : Support..
Reina : What did I say?
Fans : Lead~
Reina : I said lead? Sorry, I meant follow. I'll help Aichan out to make Hello! Project live on for 20, 30 and more years to come.

Hello! 10th Party 2 in Nagoya
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Mikan performance
Eri looks so hot in jeans ♥

During the 6th intro-song which was "Happy", Kaorin beat Koharu to it but Koharu managed to get herself a chance after whining. As Kaorin allowed her to answer it before her, Koharu turned down the offer suddenly and both of them just started pushing the chance to answer to one another. After Yuko's "EITHER ONE OF YOU WILL DO, SO DO IT NOW.", Koharu went ahead and answered it. And this is probably one of the rarest time you see Kirarin singing live :P

Nakajima chose the "I unintentionally cried" episode
The first concert Nakajima performed in together with C-ute was some sort of Nacchi and Keichan's concert. She was so happy and nervous that she cried even before the performance. After crying, she went onto the stage with red eyes and nose. Also, there was once during a C-ute concert, they were in high-tensions in the mid the concert and just out of blue, she forgot her lyrics. She panicked and started crying.

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Koharu chose "Outrageous mistake" episode
When Koharu had first debuted, there was once when she was performing, she realised the cap of her microphone was missing. The end of her talk. But anyway, it was nice watching Eri playing her role as a senior, taking care of Koharu.

Hello! 10th Party 2 in Osaka (1)
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The 6th intro-song was Kirari's Happy and Aika got it right. Pay attention to what she sang.
Aika : Dakara ♪ Happy ♪ Yama no choujou ryoute ga sora ni todoki sou da yo ♪ Soukai! ♪ Happy ♪ Kurushikutatte gamalalalalala lalarenai
Original lyrics : Dakara ♪ Happy ♪ Yama no choujou ryoute ga sora ni todoki sou da yo ♪ Soukai! ♪ Happy ♪ Kurushikutatte ganbatta kara tadoritsuita yo ♪
At least she got the first part right...later on, someone will make an even bigger mistake.

Aika chose topic 3 - "I will like to apologise since its already over" episode
Probably a number of fans knew about this already, just skip it if you don't want to read about it again. When Aika had first joined Morning Musume, when she filled in the surveys, under the "Specialty" column, Aika answered with "Bowling" when her best score is only 66/300. What happened was that when she consulted her mom for what to write in for the column, her mom told her "You went bowling yesterday didn't you? Just put in bowling then." so she filled that in.

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Airi chose topic 10 - Free episode (They are allowed to talk about anything they like)
Before Airi entered Hello! Project, she was a big fan of Morning Musume. She attended Morning Musume's 1st musical, Love Century, where Morning Musume had performed Love Revolution 21 after the musical and Airi danced along to it. During the performance, Yaguchi, Charmy and Yossie leaned over to Airi's side and waved to her which made her really happy but she wonders if they still remember about it.

Hello! 10th Party 2 in Osaka (2)
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Apparently Gaki-san had mistook the trombone little Konkon was holding on to for a trumpet earlier on when she saw the picture.

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Gatamekira performance ♪
Omg, is it really okay for Aichan and Gaki-san to sound so sexy?!

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Aichan's high tension during the Intro-ten quiz is scary ^^; Hop a little more and she'll fall off the stage.
Anyway, Aichan answered the 6th intro-song, Happy correctly. Pay attention to what she sang.
Aichan : So ♪ Happy ♪ I love Osaka ♪ Lets eat Okonomiyaki and go home ♪
Original lyrics should sound something like "So ♪ Happy ♪ Raise up your hands to feel the wind after you reach the summit ♪ Its refreshing ♪ Happy ♪ Because you have overcame all the obstacles to make it here ♪" (← Now you know why I said I can't translate lyrics.)

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Konkon chose topic 6 - "Something that I have been hiding from people" episode
Konkon has an David Beckham's autograph which he had also personally wrote "To Asami-san" on it. She has never talked about this autograph because she was afraid of Beckham fans getting mad at her.

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Aichan chose "A heartwarming" episode
Aichan : I want to talk about Junjun and Linlin. First off, Junjun. Junjun, when she had first joined Morning Musume, even though she was a new member, she doesn't practise at all. I think this was during a Hello! Project concert. Before the concert she kept fixing her make-up but that was something I think I have to tell her because if I don't, I doubt she'll know. So as she was doing her make-up, I called her to come over to talk to her about it since I knew I had to do that as Linlin was already on the right track. I told her in Morning Musume, we all have to work hard and talked to her about my personal history. Personal history? Ah, lets just go with that. Junjun then started crying as she agreed that if Morning Musume didn't work hard, they wouldn't be here today and I ended up crying with her after that. Next, Linlin. Linlin was a little shy so it took her some time to open up to the members. Because of that, I thought I should talk to her more. Usually when we are in buses/cars, I'll be sitting at very last row and she often ends up sitting next to me so I took the opportunity to break the ice. As I talked to her, she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she replied something with like because she came Japan alone, she felt lonely but recently, she is finally able to express herself.

O.O Look at how much she spoke within 90 seconds.

Hello! 10th Party 2 in Tokyo (1)
My favourite event out of all 6 events. Mari + Mikitty + Maichin = WIN WIN WIN.

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Maichin : That was taken when you were younger?
Mari : Yes, when I was really small.
Miki : You didn't really change, did you?
Mari : No no! Its not that case! I was around this height (Refer to cap above)
Miki : There, look! You didn't really grow.
Mari : ?!

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Mari : Tsuji-chan looks like Shimura Ken-san in this photo.
Miki : Yes! Yes! Yes!
Maichin : Yes! They look alike!

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Mari : Risako-chan looked really cute!
Momo : Eh? What about me?
Mari : Eh?
Momo : What about me?
Miki : Just average~
Momo : You guys didn't talk about me.
Mari : I'm now talking about Risako-chan.
Momo : By the way, Fujimoto-san, among these--
Miki : AH?!
Momo : ?! Don't "AH" me!
Miki : What?
Keichan : Fujimoto-san, can you sound a little nicer?
Miki : I didn't know she was going to direct a question at me!
Momo : By the way, if you were to choose a girlfriend out of these girls in the picture, who will you choose?
Miki : Well, anyone except for Momo.
Momo : ?!

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Love & Peace performance ♪
Miki : Daisuki yo ♪
Maichin : Aishiteru ♪

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During the 2nd intro-song, only Risako and Momo raised their hands. Momo got to answer it since she was a little faster.
Miki : (To Risako) Why did you lose to her?
Mari : Work harder next time, Risako-chan!
Miki : Why did you lose to her? Why did you lose to her on your very first try?
Momo : Fujimoto-san, your focus should be on me~
Miki : (To Momo) I don't need anymore of you.
Thank god Momo was there for the ECs to make fun of. She made things really fun.

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During the 4th intro-song, both Maichin and Mano raised their hands at the same time however, Mano got the chance.
MC : Lets go with Mano-san.
Maichin : (Step out) No no no! I RAISED MY HAND AT THE SAME TIME. Does it matter whether we scream as we raise our hands?
Mari : (Pulling Maichin back) You're the senior! Senior! Please behave maturely.
Maichin is just too cute

Miki got the 7th intro-song, Namida ga Tomaranai no Houkago correct however...
Miki : Namida ♪ .... (lol) hahaha yasashisugiru kara ♪ namida tomaranai wa ♪ konya wa mou neta no ka na? ♪
Mistake 1 : She left out the first part of the lyrics.
Mistake 2 : She mixed up the 2 choruses.
Mistake 3 : She unconsciously killed thousands for making such adorable mistakes.

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MC : Erm, Fujimoto-san, what happened at the start?
Miki : What the hell are you talking about?
Maichin : Eh? Reversed anger?!
MC : Then the part where you laughed "hahaha", that is part of the lyrics?
Miki : That is the cute-ness of an idol.
Keichan : But Fujimoto-san, there was completely no cute-ness in that.
Miki-sama got owned ^^;

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During the 8th intro-song, Sakura Chirari, Captain and Momo raised their hands at almost the same time.
Maichin : Shimi-chan! Shimi-chan was faster! It was Shimi-chan wasn't it?
Mari : Saki-chan, Saki-chan got it.
Miki : Its Shimi-chan right? Shimi-chan.
MC : Lets go with Shimi-chan then.
Lol at Mari, Miki and Maichin picking on Momo. Well, its true that Captain was faster, but the fact that the 3 seniors kept emphasising that Captain was faster made it funny.

And yes, Captain made up her own lyrics.
Saki : Sakura Chirari ♪ namida nado niawanai ♪ anata ni tsuite yuku (Following you) ♪ Sakura Chirari ♪
Original lyrics : Sakura Chirari ♪ namida nado niawanai ♪ kono mama dakishimete
(Hug me as I am) ♪ Sakura Chirari ♪
All this making-up of lyrics thing reminded me of this.

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9th intro-song, Summer Night Town. Keichan got it and as she was near the ending of the intro, she suddenly directed her mic at Risako.
Keichan : Smile ♪ Smile ♪ Smile ♪ donna egao misetemo ♪ kokoro no naka ga yomaresou ♪ otona butta heta na egao ja ♪ kokoro kakusenai ♪
Risako : Daikirai ♪ daikirai ♪ daisuki ♪ Ah~
Risako left out one daikirari, but since she's cute, it doesn't matter :P

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Uwaki na Honey Pie performance ♪
I'm sorry, but Maichin and Mikitty are irresistible, just like Eri

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Miyabi chose topic 8 - "It gave me jitters" episode
Miyabi : This happened yesterday. I was on the train in the evening and a lady was standing behind me. That lady looked very sleepy and her eyes were about to close. I wondered if she was okay and that lady felt asleep while holding on to the str...
Fans : Strap.
Miyabi : Strap, yes, thank you. Her body swung as she held onto the strap. It seemed like she would fall anytime and just suddenly, her head landed on my shoulder. I was surprised when I felt something on my shoulder and when I turned over to look at what it was, the lady was sleeping with her head resting on my shoulder. That gave me jitters. I later moved a little to move away from her head.
Fans : (lol)
Miyabi : She woke up but luckily, I think she didn't realise it was me. After that, without holding on to anything, she swung around, sleeping, and her head then went BAM and landed on my shoulder again! That was pretty painful!
- Time's up -
Yaguchi : Good job!
MC : Your talk was not related to Hello! Project in any way...
Miki : Yeah, I thought so too but well, she did talk..
MC : Its a great talk though.
Keichan : Fantastic.
Fans : (Applause)
MC : What happened after that?
Miyabi : She woke up after feeling the impact and apologised.

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Risako chose topic 9 - "My face turned red" episode
On a rainy day, Risako went for a walk and since the ground was slippery, she started sliding around. She got a little too into it and slipped. Although there weren't many people around there, but those people who were there had all turned around to stare at her. She was embarrassed by that. The end of her talk and she had extra time. With the help of Maichin's leading questions, she managed to explain that she likes taking strolls on rainy days and spent the last few seconds fruitfully.

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Mano : Thank you everyone for today *bows* At first, I was very nervous but it was really enjoyable that all the 3 events just flew by, leaving me with good memories. I'll be making a major debut soon. I love Hello! Project ever since I was in grade 4. I watched Hello! Project's TV shows everyday, listened to Hello! Project's songs everyday and came so far. *Choked up and started to cry*
Saki : *Pats Mano on the back* (How cute!)
EC : Try your best!
Fans : Try your best~
Mano : So...*sobs*
Mari : Try, Mano-chan!
Mano : (lol)

Maichin sneezed at the right time, but Mano is like a water tap ^^; She just continued crying like the way she did in her FC DVD after the commotion died off.

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After Maichin's ending talk about going into her 7th year in Hello! Project, she apologised to Mano for disrupting her talk earlier on.

Hello! 10th Party 2 in Tokyo (2)
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During Yui's ending talk, she too, cried.
Yui : The happiest thing was to be able to meet the Hello! Project members and all the fans *Choked up* Erm...uh...hahaha *cries*
Inaba : Eh? Are you crying or laughing?

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Ended with a compilation of all the HELLO TO YOU ~Hello! Project 10 Anniversary theme song~ performances .

End comment (Fukuoka)
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Junjun : Its your birthday right?
Ayumi : Yes, thank you.
Junjun : Shibata-SAN's birthday right?
Ayumi : Yes, yes.
Reina : You're only addressing her as Shibata-SAN in front of the camera (Apparently Junjun had left out her -san again earlier on)
Junjun : No no! I really, really had typed out the -san. That's why...
Reina : Ah ~ I can't hear ~ Ah ~ ~ ~
Ayumi : Ah ~ ~ ~
Junjun : *Turns away dejectedly*
Junjun : Man, we are in Morning Musume together aren't we?
Reina : ?! That's a little gross.
Junjun : Omg, stop that!

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Reina : From now on, after the Elder club graduates, I will pull Aichan along as she deals with these juniors (Referring to Junjun and Linlin who were irritating Reina by the side)
Saitou : Oh yes, I wanted to correct you, use "support" instead of "follow" and such.
Reina : Oh yes! Support! I want support Aichan--
Linlin : Is your Japanese okay?
Reina : SHUT UP!
Ayaya : *Laughing in the back*
Saitou : (lol) Nice one, Linlin.

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Murata : Man, I think I'm about to cry...
Saitou : Yes yes!
Linlin : Then please buy Morning Musume's new single.
Saitou : Naichau Kamo? (I might cry)
Ayumi : (lol)
Saitou : You're (LL) really amazing.
Ayumi : Perfect!

End comment (Nagoya)
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Nacchi : It has been some time since we last shook hands with the Hello! Project fans.
Eri : Abe-san hare ame dechau desu mo~n ~
Nacchi : Suki ♪ (I love you)
Eri : Suki ♪ (I love you)
Nacchi and Eri : Oh yes ♪
Nacchi : Ahahahaha
Nacchi and Eri : I love you ♪
Eri : For what?
They were singing Sakura Gumi's Hare Ame Nochi Suki, the last line should have been "I love you for what you are" but Eri left out the "you are", changing the meaning of the lyrics ^^;

End comment (Tokyo 1)
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When Steph and I were watching the DVD, the first thing that came into our minds was that it wasn't really necessary for Mari to bend down xD

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Keichan : Momo-chan was surprising. Since when have you became like this?
Mari : Sometime ago already isn't it?
Momo : Ever since I turned 17, I powered up.
Mari : For some reason, the rest of the members just don't want to get involved in anything Momo-related (lol)
Keichan : Do the 3 of you (Chinajmi, Miyabi and Yurina) even talk to her?
Mari : These 3 really don't want to get invovled with Momo.
Keichan : Is that okay? Is it that Berryz Koubou members' friendship aren't as good as it seem to be?
3 of them : No no no!
Miki : Its just that you guys are not interested in Momo right?
3 of them : Yes, that's right!
Miki is just too awesome.

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Keichan : This was your first Hello! 10th Party right, Mikitty?
Miki : Yes. I was wondering how it'll turn out but we have completed all the events in an enjoyable manner successfully. Yes, that's all.
Mari : ?! (lol)
Keichan : You really just spoke your mind out there. I was surprised.
Miki : Yes, I'm like that.
Mari : Man, it was really troublesome for us to follow-up to her comments wasn't it?
Keichan : Yes.

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Miki : During the handshake event, I was told "Please don't bully Momoko", "Please take care of Momoko" and "Please pick on Momoko more"
Mari : Everyone, Mikitty is doing this because she LOVES momoko.
Miki : Yes, that's right! Meanwhile, Momoko is behind me going "Please take care of me", giving me creeps.

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Mari : Byebye~
Keichan : Yagucchan, you don't really have to squat down.


Lots of thanks to Steph for provoking me with her "Good luck then" when I told her I'm going to try translate the highlights all 3 DVDs that kept me motivated throughout the 5 plus hours.