Maitotime (090802)

Monday, August 03, 2009

- Guest : Takahashi Ai and Linlin

At first, when Linlin had moved to Japan alone, a place where she was unfamiliar with, without any friends or family, she felt lost and had no idea what she was expected of. Unlike Junjun who talked to the senior members, Linlin kept to herself and didn't speak to anyone, causing Aichan to worry about her. Since Aichan is always seated at the last seat of the jumbo taxi together with Linlin, she took the chance to talk to her. Eventually, Linlin opened up to the members after the leader took the first step to break the ice.

Before Junjun and Linlin had officially joined Morning Musume, they shared an apartment together (They are no longer living together now) Linlin tried her best to initiate conversations with Junjun but she never got a reply from Junjun giving Linlin the impression that Junjun is a cool person. They gradually started talking to one another after becoming part of Morning Musume and in fact, the 2 girls are on good terms. Back then, Linlin thought that because Morning Musume is full of girls, there will be lots of disputes but surprisingly, all 9 of them get along really well and hardly quarrel.

Oh yes, in the show, Linlin addressed Aichan as "Aichan" instead of "Takahashi-san" and that means, Aichan had allowed all 8 members to call her by that nickname. Nice to see that these 9 girls are becoming closer and closer to one another.


It seems like the Japanese uploader had some technical problems with the recording of this week's FIVE STARS Monday (I'm not too sure, that's what a forum-er on 2ch said) so there are no recording for this week's episode available for now. Hence, the translation for this week's episode will be delayed, apologies for that.

Just a question for you to ponder about for the time being.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Its related to this week's FIVE STARS Monday! (: