Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's something that made me really lol in front of my comp.
Thank god I read it, if not I'll miss out one of the many moments of Eri (I didn't intend to read it actually. Because of the Kanjis.)

B.L.T Magazine - Morning Musume's 38th single, Naichau Kamo

Kamei Eri :
The song's chorus's key is really very high. Just recently, I thought I'll sing with a cool voice, but the key was so high that I still ended up singing in my normal voice. Recently, my younger sister said she wants to eat cheesecake so I made her one. My sister loves sweet stuffs so I added in a little more sugar then usual. Before I baked it, I tasted it and realised I mistook salt for sugar earlier on. That was the second time I mixed up sugar and salt, I was shocked as well as frustrated. I told myself "Don't cry, don't cry" but I ended up crying really hard.

steph : How old is Eri again?
OnDiet : Two.

Mama Gakisan should tell Eri to label her sugar and salt containers.
But heh, a 20 year old girl crying over salt and sugar?!

The schedule for Naichau Kamo's are about to be released.
Apparently there'll be a Music Fighter talk (Since FC members are invited?) so..we know what to expect!

Past Music Fighter highlights
• The good buildings
• Aoki vs Sayu
• Linlin's "Tanaka" mistake
• Eri's futon
• Sayu's childhood friends were...?
• Sayu's way of releasing stress : Plucking of eyebrows.
• Sayu wants to sing.

Heh. With Sayu on the show, we can expect another round of laughter :D