Thursday, January 29, 2009

I demand for solo angles.
Didn't take any screenshots cause I believe I'll just end up snapping every single Eri moment that Eri is on the screen.

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Fall ~ Resonant Live ~ Concert DVD (Short review)
01. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
"I'll be there. Human being", I can't help but to wonder just what triggered Tsunku to add these into the lyrics.
Coming back to the perfomance, man! They could have just gave one another wedgies! It was a perfect song for groping too :D Nothing much to talk about the girls in terms on vocal or dance, since they were still full of energy. But Aichan's voice is something to pay attention to, its just too awesome. Also, I just realised Eri has more solo lines then Aichan in Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!, which is like so rare?!

02. Mikan

Lol, their personal poses are probably the main highlight for this.
(The return of Elizabeth Kyamei?)

03. Pepper Keibu
Eri had some problem keeping her voice stable during one of the lines with Aika (One of the lower keys) But well, afterall, she knows she's weaker at low keys and she's trying to improve (From some article or something? I can't remember) so I should just shut up.

Opening VTR
Probably one of the best VTR I've seen in MM's concerts.

04. TOP (Kamei dance solo)
Eri! :D
Well, I don't really care about what people say about her dance solo, whether it was too short, or too simple or anything. Tsunku wouldn't have gave her the solo dance if he didn't have faith in her. But well, they're idols, so we can't stop anyone from criticising them.

I like her dance solo. Just look at that leg lift and those hip movements. (Gees, she can easily injure herself during the leg lift if she didn't do enough of stretching before the performance)

05. Yah! Ashitai

MC (Yabai talk)
The MC can be found in one of my Resonant Live translations. Its the one about Linlin asking Sayu out for a meal.

06. Inspiration
TakaGaki were
Someone gotta remind them that's not Cinderella the Musical x:

07. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan

08. Purple wind
Just watch how Aichan treats her fellow juniors :D
And watch Aika puts her hands on Aichan's ass.

09. Lemon Iro to Milk Tea (All 3 versions)
All 3 versions were great, since they are Rokkies x:
A really cute song that brought out Rokkies' cuteness.

MC (Kamei, Michishige, Tanaka)
Lol, perfect. This MC is one of the funniest one out of all the Rokkies MC for this tour actually. I remember summarising it too under my Resonant Live label.

10. Tan Tan Taan! (Koharu)
11. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kidukanai Donkan na Hito (Aika)
12. Guru Guru Jump (Koharu, JunJun, LinLin)
7th and 8th generation's performances. Aika's future looks promising IMO.

13. Mushoku Toumei na Mama de (Takahashi Ai)
She's Aichan, what else can I say? She don't disappoint at all.

Indigo Blue Love (Niigaki)
Sounds much better then fan recordings (Blame it on the fan recordings x:)

14. Take off is now! (Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka)
A really crazy song. I don't mean that sort of crazy.
The dance moves were just too sexy (Compared to the usual MM dance moves)
I'll want to see Take off is now! performed by Aichan, Gakisan and Eri though x: Not that Reina is doing a bad job, (In fact, she sounded wonderful in this song) just that Eri's dance movements are usually filled with LOTS of power :D *Imagination runs wild*

MC (Koharu, Aika, JunJun, LinLin)
This is translated before too, you can look for it under the Resonant Live label. Just CTRL + F then type "Aichan in Bikini" and you'll find it.

15. Dou ni mo Tomaranai.
Eri's expressions and ending pose
In fact, I find GoRokkies displaying their sexiness really well. Especially through their dance steps.
(And why is Eri playing the male role anyway?!)

16. Koi no Dial 6700
"Hello! Darling" Gees, Sayu sure knows how to melt our hearts.
"Anata ga suki, shinu hodo suki ♪" My favourite line from the song, which is sang by Aichan (solo) and Eri (solo too, but in the second half of the song)

MC (Takahashi, Niigaki)
Can't remember if I've translated this part before, but anyway, their topic for that concert was Morning Musume. So they just talked about how great MM is.
(Lol, I can't help but staring at Aichan's chin. She sweated a lot during that concert o:)

17. Souda We're Alive
Wow, not really about the song, but the way TakaGaki took off their costumes were so sexy :D

18. Onna ni Sachi Are
19. Roman ~ My Dear Boy ~
20. Koko ni Iruzee

Lmao. Koharu's reaction was just too lol. Also, Aichan looked so fierce when answering Gakisan, lol.

21. Resonant Blue
My eyes are just stuck on Eri whenever I watch RB performances.

"En-co-re! En-co-re!"

22. Ame no Furanai

And of course, I have to bring up the line that makes me melt everytime I hear it.
"Anata no Michishige Sayumi deshita!"

23. Aozora ga itsu made mo tsuduku you na mirai de are!

*Goes off to make some gifs :D*