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It has been close to one month since my last transcript. I managed to get some spare time since its Chinese New Year holiday and came up with a short one. Its my first transcript which Eri is actually not present in the radioshow. But..if you know you well, I hardly do things not related to Eri :D

Read more to find out! Enjoy!
(PS. The girls talk at the same time very often, so I had some problems hearing some parts and I just guessed whatever they are trying to say)

Recomen! [2006.04.18] (Guest : Takahashi Ai, Ogawa Makoto, Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina)
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Duration : 09m10s

• Tarou (H)

• Takahashi Ai (A)
• Ogawa Makoto (M)
• Niigaki Risa (G)
• Tanaka Reina (R)

• Opening Talk
• Worst Number 1 Deciding Match feat. Kamei Eri (?)
- Who is the worst cook?
- Who has the most untidy room?
• Promotions

• Morning Musume - SEXY BOY ~ Soyokaze ni Yorisotte ~

Opening Talk
H : Its now time for "Working girl" corner! As what I've announced last week, Morning Musume is joining us again for today!
A : Good evening, I'm Takahashi Ai from Morning Musume,
M : I'm Ogawa Makoto,
G : I'm Niigaki Risa and..
R : I'm Tanaka Reina!
A-M-G-R : Yay!
All 5 : Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!
A : We did this without planning beforehand (lol)
H : (lol) Its a radio program and yet you're making the peace sign, Aichan.
A : (lol) I did the peace sign.
H : Its okay.
A : Okay, excuse me for that.
H : Not really sure about what you girls were doing, but when you all came into the studio you were all snapping your fingers.
M : We were practising how to snap our fingers.
H : For what? But still, I'm sure it'll be fun for us to work together.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : This week, we've planned up a special project since we have these 4 guests with us.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : This week's special project is this! "Worst Number 1 Deciding Match"!

Worst Number 1 Deciding Match Corner
R : What's with that?
A : I don't really want to do that!
R : I don't want, I don't want.
H : Well, now there're 10..
A : Yes.
H : Morning Musume members.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : Everyone of you have your own unique personalities and nature.
A : That's right.
R : That's right, there are.
H : This week too, we have this box with us here.
M : Woah.
G : The appearance of the box ~
H : There are question cards in this box.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : The questions will ask you on who is the number 1 for certain things, so by answering them, we'll decide who is Morning Musume's Worst Number 1. Its an unusually fresh project.
M : Its not fresh!
A-M-G-R : @#$%@#
H : Well, there's another kind of project which is something like "Lovable Character", you prefer that?
G : Yes.
M : Because long as you're the number 1 you don't really care about anything else.
H : Yeah, nothing else matters. Mako-chan you're pretty good at it! Alright, lets move on quickly.
M : Then, Aichan.
H : Will you draw the question first, Aichan?
A : Ah, we're starting from me?
R : Yes.
A : Here I go ~ Jaan!
H : JaJaan!
A : JaJaan! "The worst cook is..?"
H : Un.
M : Ah..but other then from our image of the members, we can't really judge with anything else.
G : You're right..
A : Eh?
G : We don't really know about one another's cooking skills.
R : I'm bad at cooking actually.
H : Ah, she admitted it herself.
A : Really..?
H : You can confess yourself in too.
A : I've never eaten your dishes before.
R : I can't cook, but I still did.
M : I've never tried her cooking.
H : You've cooked before right?
R : Yes. And my brother..
H : Un.
R : ..vomitted it out.
H-A-M-G : (lol)
A : Ehh? I see ~
G : Really?
M : That's pretty bad.
H : That means he endured and ate part of it with the other part of his meal unfinished?
A-M : Un.
H : And he vomitted out what he ate. That's pretty bad.
R : But, but, I wanted revenge, so I made it again, and he told me its nice.
A : That's good then.
R : Perhaps I improved after learning a little more about cooking.
H : That means you've the talent.
G : During Valentines' Day the members will make sweets for one another.
A : That's right.
R : Yeah, that's right.
M : Yeah, but there isn't any dish.
A : From what I've heard..I think..Kamei Eri-chan might be pretty bad at cooking
H : Aha. From what you've heard.
A : Yes, from what I've heard.
R : She's (Eri) clumsy.
H : You all hear things like "She's not really good in.." sometimes?
A : Yes. But Sayu is. Sayu is a member in Morning Musume called Michishige Sayumi. I've heard people saying that her cooking isn't tasty, but the other day she made bento for us and it was pretty delicious.
H : girls actually make bentos for one another.
R : She had a teacher to teach her how to make one.
M : She was on a show whereby the teacher will teach her how to cook, and the bento she made for us was with the help of the teacher. I think it was delicious probably because the teacher was there to help her.
R : Un.
M : If she was cooking by herself, I think something unbelievable might just happen.
A : (lol)
R : Un, you're right.
H : Sayumi-chan is bad at cooking too?
M : Yes, I think.
H : From your image of the members, is Michishige Sayumi worse..?
A : Ah..I wonder who is worse..
H : The dishes she made are sweet? Like.."Isn't the omelet sweet?"
R : If we talk about Sayu, she told me she made puddings.
H : Un.
R : But in the end she ended up saying she made omelet and she had to use ketchap on the omelet to eat it.
G : Ah, she said that.
A : Ah, she said that.
M : She said that.
A : Perhaps Sayu is worse.
M : Shouldn't we put both Sayu and Eri down as the answer?
A : But Eri..
R : Its a pretty close fight between the both of them isn't it?
A : ..says things like "I'll make hamburgers ~"
H : Un.
A : And added on that she don't like those typical hamburgers.
H : Un.
R : That's scary.
A : So I think her hamburgers are probably not like the usual ones.
H : Well, I think it'll be okay if we let both of them get crowned the same title.
A-M-G-R : You're right.
R : EriSayu then.
M : EriSayu then.
H : EriSayu then.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : Double title.
A : The two of them then.

H : Alright, lets move on to the next one!
M : Okay.
R : Makocchan.
G : Makocchin.
A : Makocchan.
M : I've drew out one!
H : Jaan!
M : "Who has the most untidy room?"
G : I wonder who.
R : This..
M : Its none other then that person right.
R : Kamei Eri-san.
H : Kamei Eri-san again?
G : Not only that her room is untidy, the inside of her bag is even messier.
M : The interior of her bag is messy.
H : You girls look like your rooms like very neat.
A : (lol)
M : During the Fanclub tour overseas, we have to stay there for a week so its quite a long period of time isn't it.
H : Yes.
M : At that time, Kamei-san, trunks are kind of big isn't it?
H : Yes.
M : Since we're going overseas.
H : Un.
M : Even after months since our return to Japan, she've yet to unpack her stuffs from the trunk.
H : Woah.
A : Ah, I see!
M : Yes, she told me that. Even the souvenirs she bought was still in the trunk so we don't know about the present condition of the souvenirs.
H : (lol)
A : Eh?
R : We were at Hong Kong the other time together. After she changed her clothes, she just left her worn ones lying around.
G : Yes!
R : I told her to tidy up her items and she said "Its okay! I'll do it later." but she'll never do it (lol)
A : I see.
G : And also, the other time, I was together with her in Hawaii.
H : Yes, yes, yes.
G : When I saw her room, I thought "This isn't called a room" and told her "Kame, remember to tidy up later" so she was asking me to clean up with her. But when we were cleaning up, it seems like I was the only one doing all the work.
H : Un.
G : She wasn't even tidying up the room.
R : (lol) Even though its her room.
A : I see ~
G : She's so untidy ... .... to the extent that it becomes funny.
H : (lol)
R : What's with the pause just now (lol)
H : You couldn't find the right words just now?
G : I didn't know what words to use (lol)
H : There was even a "zuba" just now eh?
G : (lol) Yeah.
H : But yeah, how many months have you all been back since that trip? One will probably have left his/her trunk as it is one or two days after his/her return.
M : Yeah, but we'll unpack it after that.
H : We'll all do that right?
M : Yes, but it seems like she (Eri) can't do the same.
H : Haa..for example if she went to Hawaii her trunk will be left as it was in Hawaii..
M : Yes, it seems like her trunk is standing around in her room all the time.
H : Perhaps one year later when she opens the trunk she'll still be able to smell how Hawaii smells like.
A-M-G-R : Yucks!
R : What sort of thinking is that! (lol)
M : She'll probably find expired chocolates and such in it when she opens it. Don't you think so?
A-G-R : (lol)
A : The souvenirs will be..
H : Ah, its pretty unexpected for an idol to do such things.
G : Its surprising isn't it.
M : That's right.
H : There's no doubt about who will be crowned the title right?
M : Yes.
H : The one with the most untidy room is Kamei Eri-chan.
M : (lol) Seems like we wrecked Eri's image.
R : I pity her (lol)
A : (lol) Poor thing.
H : Alright, ...ah, we'll be stopping it here.
A-M-G-R : Ah, okay.
M : We'll talk about it later.
R : Yeah, later.
A : Time flew past pretty fast.
H : Today was like featuring Kamei Eri.
M : You're right.
A : Yeah.
G : Yeah, we were talking about Kamei-san most of the time.
R : We were like putting down her image.
H : Splendid. Its amazing to be able to hold the number 1 title.
A : But its worst number 1..(lol)
A-M-G-R : @#$%@#$
H : But still, its amazing that she's able to pull it off without a bad image despite being ranked 1st as the worst.
G : You're right.
R : That's right.
M : That's right (lol)
H : Well, we've asked about a couple of Worst Number 1s.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : And we've heard a lot of stuffs about you girls.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : And now we'll have Morning Musume's announcements for this week.

A : Morning Musume Concert Tour 2006 Spring Rainbow 7 is in the mid of the tour now. We'll be holding concerts nearby Kantou, in Saitama Super Arena on the 6th and 7th of May.
H : Un.
A : Yes.
R : Yes.
A : We'll be holding the concert for 4 times here!
H : Woah!
R : We'll be holding concerts here!
G : Yeah, we will.
M : Isn't it 3 times?
A : Its 4 times. Ah, its 3 times.
H : (lol)
A : Sorry.
H : You mean you'll be trying your best with 4 times more of your effort right? (Perfect cover-up)
A : Yes!
H : With around that amount of full power,
A : Yes!
H : You'll complete all the 3 concerts.
A : Yes.
R : We'll do that!
A : We'll do that!
H : Everyone, please go and watch Rainbow 7!
A : Please try to come if possible!
M-G-R : Please join us there!
H : Also, last week, we had a keyword.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : The winners will receive a poster from Morning Musume's latest single.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : Following with last week's keyword, please announce this week's keyword!
G : This is..
A : This is..
M : The important point of the song.
A : Lets announce it.
A-M : 3, 2, 1
A-M-G-R : Ue ue*
H : Ue ue.
M : Yes.
H : If they've heard the song they'll know about this.
A-M-G-R : Yes.
R : This phrase is sang out very often in the song.
G : Its all over the song.
A : Yes.
H : Along with the lyrics card, there's a dancemove instruction for this single right.
A : Yes.
H : A dancemove card is included.
A : Yes, its included.
H : And in the card, it teaches the "ue ue" move.
A-M : Yes, that's right.
H : Alright, so along with last week's and this week's "ue ue".
M : Ue ue.
H : Please submit the keywords in!
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : Please send the keywords in through e'mail at, The title is "Person in charge for Morning Musume poster present". Please include your address, name, age and your telephone number as you submit your entries in!
A-M-G-R : Yes.
H : Alright, lets move on to the end of the show.
A : Okay. Please listen to this song, Morning Musume's
A-M-G-R : SEXY BOY ~ Soyokaze ni Yorisotte ~
H : Thank you!
A-M-G-R : Thank you!

Morning Musume - SEXY BOY ~ Soyokaze ni Yorisotte ~