Reina's death?!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Here's the latest Tanaka Reina's FIVE STARS' summary. I've made it as detailed as possible so that its close to a transcript. I've never transcripted a show whereby the host is talking to herself so I just didn't know how to phrase it. Enjoy!

InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #071 [2009.02.04] (Link)
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• Tanaka Reina

• Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo
• ROCK 'A' TRENCH - My Sunshine
• HY - 366 nichi
• Berryz Koubou - Baka ni Shinaide

• Reina's close-to-death experience
• What will Reina do if she could go back time?
• Hawaii = Spam (?)
• Valentine's Day
• Scared of being nervous in an examination hall? Reina gives an useful piece of advice!
• Yankee Reina vs Taxi Driver : A possible brawl?

• Not long ago they had Hello! Project concert, so the girls had to fly around as usual, but this time round, Reina has got a bad memory of the trip. So here's what happened. On that day when they were heading back for Tokyo on the plane, it was raining heavily. Usually when its a rainy day, the plane will shake a lot won't it? So as expected, the plane shook a lot. In fact, it shook more then usual. It was shaking up and down and it seems like Reina's seatbelt was pretty loose. Reina freaked out and thought she'll die in a plane crash or something, lol. Reina was so scared that she actually had flashbacks of her 19 years of life, it was just like a drama. Usually in dramas the actors/actresses will have flashbacks of all the fun moments of their life before they die, yes, that's what that was happening in Reina's head. At that time when Reina was so close to death (Or she thought so) she was really sure that she don't want to die and she started crying. The members who were sitting next to her held onto her hands and tried to convince her that everything will be fine, so did her manager. When the plane finally landed safely, Reina was embarrassed for her sudden outburst on the plane. That was the first time Reina had such a bad memory of a plane trip. Reina knows she should have expected for plane shakes but the amount of times the plane shook that day was far from what she thought will be. After such a bad experience, Reina has a phobia of plane trips now (Not really, she just don't want to ride on planes) but she still has to take them, because she has to go for concerts. She also added on that at that time she asked for god's help, saying that she still don't want to leave this world.

• First letter, the sender asked if Reina had a time machine and is able to go back to time, what will she want to do. Reina don't really want to go back to time, but she wants another life. But well, if she gets to go back to time, she'll not join Morning Musume. Not because that she's regretting it now, but just that she wants to experience the life of a normal student. When Reina returned to Fukuoka during her free time, her friends will often say something like "Imagine if Reina had not joined Morning Musume, I wonder how different things will be" Reina is interested to know the answer too. It seems like it'll be fun too so she may want to try out that sort of life.

• Second letter, the sender was surprised when he went to Hawaii. The food there were all meat, so he asks if Reina was surprised by any of the Hawaii dishes in Hawaii when she's there for fanclub tours and such. Reina's theory "Hawaii = Spam". The thing that surprised Reina was that the food in the bento boxes in Hawaii are all mixed together. Also, the salads which Reina usually eats are cold, but the one in Hawaii was warm. Lastly, it was of course the big portions of a serving in Hawaii that surprised her. There is no "small size" in the Starbucks of Hawaii. There was once Reina was in Hawaii and she ordered for a drink (Small) but they told her they don't have small ones. Adding on, there was once they were at a McDonald's in Hawaii and one of the MM member ordered for cola and the cup was so big that it looks like its bigger then one of the member's face.

• Third letter, the sender asks Reina about her memories of Valentine's Day. The MM members do have present exchanges. There are also some members who give handmade gifts. Since Valentine's Day is a day to give presents to the males, Reina didn't see a need to prepare gifts. But since there is a White Day, where the males will actually have to give a gift to the females that they had receive a gift from during Valentine's Day, Reina saw why she should prepare for Valentine's Day, lol. Reina don't usually give handmade presents since she thinks that those presents which are bought from stores and etc. looks better. She'll usually wrap up all sorts of stuffs which she've bought and use them as gifts. She also admitted that she gives them out which the hope of getting something back in return. Reina looks forward to Valentine's Day partly because she'll receive lots of chocolates from the members and also the suspense of whether the person who received her gift will give her something back. Also, during the Valentine season, where there is a big variety of chocolates that are up for sale, so Reina will wonder if she should buy them. And even if she bought them, she'll end up eating them by herself instead of giving them out.

• Fourth letter, the sender's examination is around the corner, and asks if Reina has any advices to give for him to calm down during the examination. As an idol, Reina has lots of experiences of dealing with nervousness. Her advice is that to have self-confidence. If one isn't confident with oneself, he/she will be nervous. Reina advises the sender to believe in himself and it'll be alright.

• Not long ago, Reina took a taxi. Reina said that there is something like an air vent in the taxis now adays. The taxi driver had the heater on and has been driving all day long, and lots of passengers have already got in and out of the taxis, the air in the taxi was pretty bad. So Reina wanted some fresh air, she opened the air vent a little, and the taxi driver just shut the air vent without saying anything. As we know, Reina is a short tempered girl, she was annoyed by the taxi driver. So without saying anything, Reina opened it again. But still! The taxi driver closed it. It made Reina think "Is he looking for a fight?". Reina then opened it again and told the taxi driver "Please don't close it (In a pissed off voice)" so the taxi driver was like "Ah, okay.." Obviously the driver was in a pretty bad mood. Reina wanted to talk back to him but she held back because after all, she's an idol, and it wouldn't be good if her true colors leaks out. Well, Reina still got to her destination in the end, just that she thinks that there are lots of taxi drivers with different characters. Some of the drivers will talk to kids like Reina (She said that herself, not me) they'll use honorifics. Some others will compliment the passengers while some others will specially open the doors for their passengers. Its great to be riding in a taxi with such friendly drivers. Reina has been thinking quite a lot about taxi drivers. She wonders if the taxi drivers will get a stomachache after sitting for hours after a meal. She also mentioned that since taxi drivers don't have to stand up, their legs are living in bliss.

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How was it? Well, I thought I'll do it for the time being since it seems like turbos86, the translator who transcripts the show on Hello! Online have stopped working on them (He's working on Yorosen as a Hello! Fansubs' translator for now I think)

I do hope all readers have enjoyed reading it.
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