Aichan is like a water tap

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Naichau Kamo Close-up solo PVs are out on H!O tracker.
After watching all 9 of the PVs, here's my ranking of the members' solo PVs.

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#01. Kamei Eri
Yes, I have to admit I'm being biased. I just had to give in to her. I don't see the need in trying to resist this little turtle here. It was not easy choosing these few screenshots, I told myself to only take 4 screenshots but I ended up taking 33 of them, so I had to eliminate almost every single screenshot. But coming back, her expressions were what that really killed me. There are scenes of her eyes turning watery but I guess her contact lens absorbed it since she wasn't able to let it out in time. Gees, this is one of the rare times we actually get to STARE at Eri for 4 minutes 43 seconds! For some reason, her lips don't seem to be as curvy as before o:

I thought the expressions look rather similar.

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#02. Takahashi Ai
Ranked 2nd, because she's like a water tap. Those were definitely not eye drops but the tears of Aichan. Its amazing how Aichan can cry whenever she wants, just like a water tap. Her "crying ability" is probably well-known among her fans ever since Ribbon no Kishi and Cinderella the Musical. Its seriously one of the best close-up PV I've ever seen, but it wasn't ranked 1st for me since Aichan can't seem to be able to make me feel that she's Mariko.

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#03. Michishige Sayumi
To be honest, if I don't be bias, and go according to the song title as "I might cry" and not "I MUST cry", Sayu would be 1st in the ranking. After all those screaming lines like "Help me!" which gave her the "weak girl" image in my heart, she's just too suitable to be Mariko herself. The only reason for why she was behind Aichan isn't because of her not being able to cry, but..was it really necessary for those obvious cuts? It ruined the whole PV.

#04. Niigaki Risa
#05. Mitsui Aika
#06. Tanaka Reina
#07. Junjun
#08. Kusumi Koharu
#09. Linlin

I guess I need to give an explanation for this. Linlin isn't my most hated member in MM or anything even though it seems like she've been appearing as the last in all my rankings. It was disappointing to see her just going along with the rhythm instead of trying to bring out the feelings of Mariko. You could see her moving along with the song, but not a single Mariko moment or tear. I'm really sorry if I sound like I'm bashing her or something. She's one of my favourite members and I have high expectations of her since she've been constantly improving herself, but guess her close-up solo PV was just..sigh.

But what are these tears of these 9 members compared to the tears of this person?
Her tears were real and she could feel the lyrics from her heart.
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And she's my most respected OG member.