Eri becomes a voice actress!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just hours ago I was blogging about how I wish Eri would be able to go on variety shows along with Sayu since I miss her. She don't have a radio show to herself, and now that Yorosen is ending, I doubt we'll get to see her much on TV unless there's a new Morning Musume release and she's arranged to promote the product.

But just as I was checking 2ch earlier on,
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OnDiet : ..Wtf is this? *reads* "Voice : Kamei Eri"?! *checks title* Jewel Pet?! WOW!
(Even though I had no idea what Jewel Pet was, I just wow'd)

Eri will be voice over-ing an anime character in Jewel Pet!
This is one of the best news I've heard in 2009!
I'm not a big fan of Animes though, I don't watch Kirarin or Onegai My Melody even though some of the Morning Musume members are dubbing it, but its Eri. I just have to watch it isn't it? I believe Sayu has emphasied enough on how gentle Eri's voice is and fans on H!O forum have went crazy discussing about how sweet and pleasant our little turtle sounds, so I guess I don't have to go into details for that part.

I'm as excited as anyone else now and looking forward to 4/5 for the first episode of this anime. I'm curious about which character Eri will be dubbing, I hope she's in the main role (Of course)

Putting that aside, it seems like this year will be a SayuEri year for the SayuEri fans. Both of them got themselves a solo song each for Platinum 9 DISC. Sayu gets lots of solo lines in Naichau Kamo C/W, Yowamushi. Sayu appearing on variety shows while Eri getting a shot at Anime. They are both involved in Ojigi Shape Up as well as the LA trip. Also, lets not forget about the single that'll be released in May. It looks like a great first half of 2009 to me, even though the girls may be really busy preparing for the upcoming events. I do hope they get lots of rest too and not fall sick. That reminds of me Maasa. Maasa will not be able to turn up in today's HaroTen Party due to a flu.

Alright enough of the babblings about how happy I am. Lets all get pumped up for Platinum 9 DISC that will be released in 4 days time and we'll finally get to listen to a proper quality and length of 「Kataomoi no Owari ni」♥ .

Details of the anime
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Start from 4/5, it will be broadcasted on TV Tokyo every Sunday from 09:30 10:00 (Japan Time)

There are goods for this anime too.
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According to the articles there are 40 ~ 60 types of the cards. The cards come in packets and there are 4 cards per packet. The estimated price for a pack is 150yen.

Official Site
You can check out the videos under the Movies header.

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