It's you, c'mon.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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I missed you, Sayu!

Sayu's solo song, 「It's You」 was played on Konusapi last night. A perfect song for Sayu, even though the start of the song made my hair stand. Somehow the song don't seem to be a challenge to her vocal abilities since the sexiness she injected into the song is enough to cover up for anything. It was something different from what I've expected from Sayu, but I'm loving it too. Seems like Platinum 9 DISC will be my next favourite Morning Musume album. Looking forward to 「SONGS」 now, since the song title itself is random enough.

FYI : Sayu mentioned on Konusapi that she'll encourage listeners to listen to 「It's You」 using earphones because during the guitar part, there's this right and left ear effect. (Which I have no idea what its called) Do listen to it using earphones!

She talked about LA trip, Eri's solo song, weight (going ON DIET ~) and more. A really great Konusapi after one whole month of Konusapi-less Wednesdays.

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Sayu was holding on to the fan arts that were sent in.