Naichau Kamo making-of translation, feat. Aichan, Eri ...& Mariko.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I admit I'm slow. Please bear with my turtle pace, lol. These are only translations for certain Eri and Aichan's parts. Enjoy!

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The innocence in her eyes gives me another reason for why I should love her more.

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Linlin : Let me introduce her to you. This lady is Kamei Eri-san from India!
Eri : (Screen shot's pose)
Linlin : Please take care of her!
Eri : (Glares)

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Q. What were you thinking about during the scene that you had to cry?
Aichan : In this song, there is a main character called Mariko-chan. Since we are singing a miserable song..I just somehow started crying. When I listened to the song I thought the girl was in a rather miserable situation, but there's 9 of us now, so I think each and everyone of us will have our own way expressing Mariko's feelings. For me, I think that Mariko is one who is about to initiate a breakup with her boyfriend but because of her love for the guy and her desire to be with him, she wasn't able to do so. So there's this painful feeling in Mariko..and somehow I felt miserable for her too..and started crying. Right, Kamei-san? (Pulls Eri into the screen)
Eri : Yay! I was trying to eavesdrop Aichan's comment from far just now, but I couldn't hear anything.
Aichan : I was just talking about Mariko.
Eri : Mariko will make an appearance in the song. It'll be Mariko ~
Aichan : But she'll only appear in the first and second part of the song (Sayu's solo lines)
Eri : Yes. You're like Mariko you know?
Aichan : I was told the same thing by others too!
Eri : You're like Mariko! (lol)
Aichan : I think its probably because of my hair.
Eri : You're Mariko!
Aichan : Shut up.
Eri : You're Mariko!
Aichan : I'm Mariko ~
Eri : She's Mariko!
Aichan : I don't know if I should be happy or not for getting called Mariko. But well, that's all.
Eri : (Claps)
Aichan : So, see you (Pushes Eri out of the screen b'cos Eri was taking up her screen-time) You'll get your's (Screen-time) later.

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Q. Have you went shopping for Winter?
Aichan : I told Eri earlier too..I wanted to get a coat for myself so I went to a certain shopping center and found a cute looking one. And when I checked the price tag, it was 2400yen, so I bought it. I've yet to wear it though..but anyway..its my recent new item. (Girlish laughter) Kamei-san!
Eri : Yes?
Aichan : Kamei-san!
Eri : ..I was observing your expressions. (Cameraman films Eri) She'll be pissed if you film me (Cameraman goes back to Aichan)
Aichan : (lol) Ah..what should I do? What was I talking about earlier on? YOU, you made me forgot what I was talking about! (Whacks Eri) What was I talking about? Tell me.
Eri : (Whispers to Aichan)
Aichan : ..ah, to become Mariko. Wth? That wasn't what I was talking about!
I wonder why was Aichan being so formal to Eri.

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Eri : You can go and have your meal now (Eri don't want to share her screen-time with Aichan, lol)
Aichan : (lol) Bye bye!
Eri : Otsukaresama deshita! Mariko is going back. Mariko is going back ~
Aichan : (Glares at Eri)
Eri : Oops, sorry. Mariko is going back ~

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Q. What were you thinking about during the scene that you had to cry?
Eri : Instead of thinking of something..I tried to go into the "world" of the song. I didn't really think about anything since it song itself is miserable enough. There isn't any happy moments in the song. Just thinking about the song, I'll naturally be able to put myself in Mariko's shoes.

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Gakisan : Kamei-san ~
Reina : Kamei Eri!
Gakisan : Kamei-san ~
Eri : I'm doing something serious now.
Reina : Ah, sorry for interrupting!
Gakisan : We're going to have our bentous now.
Eri : Go ahead. Really, just go ahead.
I wonder why are TakaGaki being so formal to Eri in the making-of, calling her Kamei-san.

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Eri : Actually, I've got a wound here. Look at this, here. I accidentally cut my finger with my photobook. When I'm wearing the plain clothes (The one with the hood), I had gloves on so the cute plaster I had on my finger couldn't be seen. But when I had to change into this costume, I thought "Ah, we've got gloves too, so it'll be fine" but when I put on my gloves, I realized the pink plaster actually sticked out of the gloves. I thought it wasn't really a good sight so I took it off and when I was dancing and moving the fingers, it was really painful. So I actually tried to endure the pain. I hope I'll get praised for that effort..Alright, I'm going for my bentou now. I'll leave from the right.

Good job, Eri! But you could have left your plaster on. I don't mind seeing a pink plaster blocking the beauty of your pinky finger as long as you're comfortable when dancing.

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One of the very rare times we got to see that much of Eri's forehead.
Eri : I was the last person for the recording today. Actually during the recording for 「Pepper Keibu」 Sayu and I were the last ones too. Since we're done with the recording, I'll like to give a warm "Otsukaresama deshita" to everyone. I think this is the best ending. The PV recording was fun. So, see you again in the next making-of DVD. See you, I'm going home now.

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