BOMB (June) - Kamei Eri

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm never good at translating texts and articles, so I'll just translate the whole article in my own words.

When Eri got to hear the news of her getting a voice actress role, at that very moment, she was in the bath, lol. Her mother and sister had congratulated Eri for the new assignment as well as helped her out. As Eri practises at home, her younger sister will play the roles of other characters while Eri's mother will teach her the kanjis in the script that she don't know how to read. Eri's aware that she usually isn't the serious type but this time round she's really trying her best to practise her voice acting skills.

Being together with the rest of the members for so long, Eri had slowly accustomed to the "Workplace = Other MM members will be around" thinking. Now that she has to be alone during her voice acting sessions, it is a new and fresh experience for her. At first she was really worried that she'll be a bother to other during the voice acting session but the staffs and other voice actresses/actors had kindly helped her and taught her the things she don't know.

During concerts, Eri can express herself through her dance, her singing as well as her facial expressions. However, in voice acting, she can only use her voice to express herself which is totally different from her usual job. There are times whereby she's glad that she's able to make use of her voice to express herself and also times whereby she felt depressed because she wasn't able to do it well. From this voice acting job, she got to a chance to experience more things.

Kougyoku Rinko is an energetic little girl with lots of different expressions in the anime. Rinko's days are filled with tears and laughters just like Eri's. When she sees her friends in trouble, Rinko wants to help but she herself is not able to overcome her own obstacles in order to move on to help her friends. But with the help of Rinko's bunny Jewel Pet, Ruby, Rinko is able to gather up her courage to face the problems.

During the first episode of Jewel Pet, Eri was in the mid of MM's concert tour, Platinum 9 DISCO so she was not able to catch the first episode on TV itself and she felt that it was a pity but she had received nice comments from fans who had told her they've watched it during the concerts.

Since both Tanaka Reina and Kusumi Koharu had experiences with voice acting, Eri had sought advice from these 2 members. Reina's advice to Eri is to not be nervous during the recording and everything will turn out well. She had also taught Eri some ways to practice her voice acting skills. Eri had also watched Kirarin Revolution's DVDs to get some pointers and found out that there's a different side of Koharu's voice and amazed Eri as Koharu is 4 years younger then her but she can do such a good job in voice acting. That motivated Eri to do her best for this voice acting opportunity as Jewel Pet's main character, Kougyoku Rinko.

Eri's thoughts on Shouganai Yume Oibito. Even though its a up-beat song, its actually a song of heartbreaks and she personally likes the melody of the song. MM is singing as a girl who don't know whether to continue to be together with her boyfriend who is a dreamchaser. There's a lot of room for imagination in this song. This will mark Eri's 19th Single in Morning Musume ever since her debut single, Shabondama which was released in 2003 and also, it'll be Eri's 7th year in Morning Musume soon so she thinks that she should start being more responsible.