Ichigo Ichie (090514) - Guest : Niigaki Risa

Friday, May 15, 2009

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Whenever Gaki-san receives a birthday present from another member and the member urges her to open it, that type of expression on the member's face makes Gaki-san thinks that "Ah, she must have tried really hard to choose this present for me". Meanwhile, for Aichan, Gaki-san's surprise left her the deepest impression. They had a rehearsal on Aichan's 21st birthday so all the members were garthered up there. However, she received presents from everyone except for Gaki-san. Aichan comforted herself that Gaki-san may had forgotten about it so with that, after the rehearsals she went home with the "Ah, my birthday is coming to an end" feeling. At that moment, she got a mail from Gaki-san asking "Are you at home?". She then heard the doorbell ring and Gaki-san was actually outside with Aichan's present with her. Everything went well like what Gaki-san had planned. She wanted to surprise Aichan right before her birthday ends. But when carrying out her birthday surprise for Aichan, she was worried what if Aichan wasn't at home but she used her brains and figured out that Aichan should be at home by the time its 12AM. When Gaki-san watched as the rest of the members gave their presents to Aichan, even though it was weird to not be joining in, she just told herself "Its okay, it'll come later".

5th Generation Audition
TakaGaki looked back at how they were like when they just joined Morning Musume. Gaki-san had her first conversation with Aichan on bus when going for the audition camp and she was surprised by Aichan's accent and dialect whereby the intonation was totally different from Tokyo's. At that time, Aichan didn't know she was actually speaking with an accent. Aichan suddenly started talking like Gaki-san's mother or something, bringing out all the memories of Gaki-san when she was younger.

The other time when Gaki-san went to Disneysea with Aichan, Aichan wore an outfit that was described as Aladdin-liked by Gaki-san. (Google for Aladdin's photo to get an idea of how it looks like). When Gaki-san told Aichan she looked like Aladdin at that time, Aichan responded with a "Huh? I'm not Aladdin" at that time (-> Damn, it sounds funnier in Japanese). Also, before they met up, Aichan was some distance away from Gaki-san and Aichan's outfit seriously made Gaki-san thought "Woah, Aladdin's over there". But that wasn't just the only happening during that outing together. When they went riding on the attractions, instead of screaming her lungs out, Aichan was singing her lungs out. Gaki-san tried to shut Aichan up since it was embarrassing for Gaki-san.

There are lots of stuff troubling Aichan like what she had mentioned on Bijou Houdan. Gaki-san told her its okay to be herself at least she's trying. She used Eri as an example for one who don't even put in the effort to do certain things. She started imitating her again in that really funny voice. However, both Aichan and Gaki-san thinks that that's one of Eri's virtues. I don't know how that can be considered as a good quality, but like we do, they consider it as one of her virtues.

Gaki-san : Its okay, its okay (To be herself)
Aichan : No wonder they say you're a Showa girl.
Gaki-san : Why?
Aichan : Cause you were like "Its okay, its okay"
Gaki-san : I don't want to be told I'm a Showa girl by another Showa girl (Aichan)
Aichan : Lol.

Gaki-san is enjoying the talks with Eri on FIVE STARS and is really happy to see mails from listeners saying that they are looking forward to GAKIKAME's talks. She'll like to continue hosting it in the GAKIKAME-ish way with Eri's slacking off personality. Aichan and Gaki-san then exchanged invitations for one another to appear as guest for their radio shows but I guess it all depends on the staff and arrangements.

Gaki-san : I'm Niigaki Risa from Morning Musume who wants to go to the nail salon now and..
Aichan : I'm Takahashi Ai who wants to go to the amusement park with Gaki-san now!
TakaGaki : Sayounara!