InterFM The DAVE FROMM Show (090515)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

After Gaki-san called Eri pokepokepoo, the host asked what's Eri's pokepoke degree.
Gaki-san : The program that we're hosting isn't a live one but I really want it to be live like this so that everyone can see the Kamei Eri who doodles a lot on her script and not listening to people. Also, she always look as though she's going to sleep.
Linlin : But perhaps its because its Spring now.
Gaki-san : Un..but for Kamei Eri's case the season doesn't really matter. She's always sleepy.
FYI : Eri has always used Spring as an excuse for her sleepiness.

When talking about Shouganai Yume Oibito, Gaki-san used girishou to say that she's born in the last year of Showa so my guess the other time was right (Pocket Morning translation)

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Shouganai Yume Oibito PV's heartbroken expressions

Gaki-san : This time round the PV looks like a drama so everyone had to put in their acting skills. Since Kamei Eri and I are in the adult team now, our recordings schedule was arranged at late evening. At that time, there was a scene whereby GAKIKAME will be together and we were suppose to put on a heartbroken expression but whenever we came face to face we ended up laughing.
Well, the PV was successful in the end as the two girls indulged themselves into the role of the main character of the song.

Meanwhile, for Linlin, before the recording she had dinner however, since she was suppose to stand throughout the recording it burned all the energy and ended up hungry again. Hence she managed to look as though she's in pain cos' she was hungry.

Dave didn't really tease Linlin that much this time round, so it was pretty boring ^^;