InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #085 (090513)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NHK Song Charity Show was aired just recently. Morning Musume had performed Love Machine during their appearance in the show and there was actually a small happening. Usually after Reina's line of "Dancin' all of the night!" whereby they will all get their tensions ↑↑ from there, then followed by Reina's "Lets get fired up!" however since during their performance on the Charity show they were singing with an orchestra, it wasn't the place for them to be screaming there but Reina still went "Morning Musume FUU ~" replacing the "Morning Musume mo ♪" line. Reina was embarrassed by her mistake and after the performance, she told the members about it and she received a harsh tsukkomi from Eri asking Reina "Are you an idiot?".

I'm definitely started to like TanaKame duo more after all these recent TanaKame love.