Its never easy to be Eri's partner.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Ichigo Ichie (090507)

Guest : Niigaki Risa

Hosting with Kamei Eri on InterFM FIVE STARS Monday
Gakisan : When I'm together with Kame I have no choice but to be responsible.

Gaki-san : Kame will usually be eating sweets in the dressing room leaving her make-up to the last thing on her to-do-list and refuse to prepare for the concert isn't it?
Aichan : Lol, yes.
Gaki-san : Then afterwards when she can't curl up her hair she'll be like "I won't lose to it! (her hair)" and try to get me help her curl it.
Aichan : Yes, yes. I've seen Gaki-san helping her to curl up her hair for her.
Gaki-san : That's right, I'm always curling her hair for her.

There was once when Aichan and Gaki-san shared a hotel room to rest for the job tomorrow. The day before that day they didn't have enough sleep and the next day they had to be ready around 3 or 4am. They thought it'll be better for them if they stay up the whole night but they fell asleep halfway. By the time they woke up their manager was already pissed off by them. After that they rushed their make-ups and preparations at a incredible speed.

Oh yes, even though it was for a short moment, the way Gaki-san talked about looking at Aichan sleeping was