Konya mo Usachan Peace #131 (090506)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A really brief summary of this week's Konusapi. Apologies for skipping a whole lot of the radio show near the end.

Sayu started off with an episode of Sayu and Aika's mother. Sayu saw Aika's mother so she had went up to her to greet her. It was easy to get along with Aika's mother and they had a couple of conversations before Sayu left to check herself in the mirror. When she looked into the mirror, she saw sesame stains around her mouth (She had salad with sesame as dressing before that). She was really embarrassed at the thought that she actually started a conversation with Aika's mouth with her sesame leftovers near her mouth. After cleaning her mouth, she went back and still, Aika's mother was there. She greeted her again but this time round, she's wondering what does Aika's mother think after sesame-left-on-the-face Sayu then the sesame-free Sayu.

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Yamaguchi Concert. Sayu feels really grateful towards not only the Yamaguchi fans, but also, the Tokyo and non-Yamaguchi fans who had specially made their way to Yamaguchi and even called out "Okaeri" to Sayu. Sayu could see everyone clearly in that concert including her parents, grandparents, and most importantly, her second cousin. Like Sayu has mentioned on Konusapi before, her second cousin isn't in his/her best of health. It was actually the first time her second cousin had attended MM's concert. Seeing the bright smile on her cousin's face, it really touched Sayu.

In around 2 months time, Sayu will be 20. She had some talks about turning 20 with her dad and her dad had told her things like "You can't let your mom pamper you that much after you've turned 20" and "Your mom can't always be in Tokyo". Sayu thought about it and she does admit that she can't live alone since she relies on her mom a lot. But recently, Sayu tried doing the laundry for the first time in her 19 years of life and she really enjoyed herself. She thinks its because she likes the smell of the bleach ^^; Among all the house chores, Sayu feels that cleaning up is the most troublesome, including the washing of toilets, lol.

Sayu recommends fans to get the photocards for Platinum 9 DISCO. The ones whereby if its 5/5 on that day, the card is specially for 5/5. If you don't get what I mean, perhaps this will help.
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Yossie's birthday. The day before her birthday MM had a concert at Nagano. Near midnight, the girls were on the bus travelling to Yamanashi for the concert that will be held the next day. They were all restless after a long day and suddenly Gaki-san, who was sitting in front of Sayu turned back with a really excited tone asking everyone to wish Yossie a happy birthday together. Everyone had their mails ready except for Sayu. But luckily, Sayu is a cellphone maniac so she had templetes for people whose birthdays are in April. Within minutes she got the mail ready. At the count of 3 they all sent their mails to Yossie. Aichan had also made a call to Yossie for the members to scream happy birthday into the phone. Sayu didn't mention this, but from Ichigo Ichie, Aichan has said that when they called Yossie, despite it being her birthday, she was asleep. Why? Because she was in US at that time and it was still early in the morning and these girls had conveniently woke her up. Anyway, the next day Sayu got a reply from Yossie that she was really happy to receive their mails.

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