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Saturday, May 23, 2009

- 2009/5/22 Friday by 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)

I've gave all my best for today too!!!
I'm Tanaka Reina (*^^*)

Today's photo (lol)
Can you guess what picture I'm going to post???
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The 3 of us were dancing ♪♪
Ahaha (lol)

Today during rehearsal I received a box of refreshments containing a banana and a big round pineapple ♪♪
Of course, I brought it home (lol)

It'll be my breakfast tomorrow (^ω∩*
All right!!!
I'll do my best tomorrow too (*^□^*)

I'm going to bed now~~(´-з-)


Sense of stability!
- 2009/5/22 Friday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

Yes ☆
Today, Machi-san and I took a picture together while playing on the balance ball (^O^)
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Machi-san looked so cool when she was balancing on the ball ↑
When I chatted a little with her at first, I was very nervous. But she treated me kindly and made me very happy (≧∇≦)

Its so difficult..to balance on the balance ball (°□°;)
I totally can't balance on it ↓
But playing it is like sitting on an theme park ride having fun, so I often play on it when I've got free time o(^-^)o

Other then just being able to balance on the balance ball, I'll like to be able to balance my feelings, tension and more (>_<) I'll try to balance the balance ball in my heart!!!!