Ojigi's blog - (5/30) Aichan's batch

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Decided to do up Aichan's posts. Even though I really dislike her boring character at times, and some of the comments she makes can be really stale, I really like the way she tries to promote the rest of the members and often forgetting to make herself appeal. That's our thoughtful Morning Musume leader, who thinks for the rest of the members.


Conclusion ☆
2009/5/30 Saturday by 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)

I had fun today too~♪
It has been some time since we last saw our fans, I really enjoyed myself during today's event (^-^)

All right!! I'll do my best for tomorrow's rehearsal too (^・^)Chu♪
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All right, the end (u_u)o〃


Its Morning Musume ~2
2009/5/30 Saturday by 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)

Continuing from the last post, Linlin ♪♪
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A photo of Linlin eating bread ♪ Lol
She loves to eat (^_^)

Followed by the one we're familiar with,
Reina ☆
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she's not Kuroda Reina,,

She's Tanaka Reina (^^)
Recently she dyed her hair black, she looks younger~♪ She's cute (^-^)

Yes! Continuing, Gaki-san ♪
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The thing inside her mouth, is some sour plum flavoured gummy, lol
She's a very reliable sub-leader (>ε<)

Also Also! Another familiar face,
Not ♪ Ruruka (+o+)
But Michishige Sayumi-chan
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Its Morning Musume ~ ♪
2009/5/30 Saturday by 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)

Today, we had our single event (≧▽≦)/
Hence, we were absent from rehearsal ☆

It has been some time since all of us gathered together and I really enjoyed myself today ( ̄▽ ̄)V

The one who was beside me in the dressing room, Kusumi Koharu ♪♪ As usual, she looks gorgeous ( ̄ω ̄)
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Reina posed too ♪

Include me in the picture too~♪ Lol
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Next,,, Mitsui Aika (^^)
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That's the Mitsui Aika with baby face ☆ She don't behave like a spoiled child ~♪


Aroma ( ^.^)
2009/5/30 Saturday by 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)

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Something I got recently, aroma mask ♪♪

It has a grape flavoured aroma (^^)
Just by smelling the grape aroma, it helps to lose weight ♪ That's what I heard (^^)

This may help me lose some weight (^_^) Yay~♪

Everyone too, please take care of yourselves and don't fall ill!
Even though I was absent from today's rehearsal, i still blogged lol.